A project of this type necessarily must owe much to a large number of people, besides the participants themselves. The acknowledgement of such assistance becomes a difficult task; since to list all those who have helped (often by contributing one possibly small, but vital item of information, assistance or equipment) would fill the whole Logbook.
I have therefore had to confine these acknowledgements to our principal benefactors (we had no sponsorship by commercial firms). The names of others will appear in the text of the Log, at the appropriate points. I must apologise to those whose names do not appear hereunder; they are not forgotten.
  1. Keith's parents, Gordon and Ellen Bignell. Gordon supplied endless technical assistance, while we were overhauling Orodruin; he himself took on the entire job of overhauling the engine. He also organised our medical supplies. Ellen gave equivalent help on the domestic side, organising food supplies, cooking equipment, etc. They both tolerated two (later four) messy grease-monkeys over many months, with never-failing good humour.
  2. Rik's parents, Jean and Dino Favalli. Jean provided endless moral support to Rik and myself (not to mention hot soup, etc.!), besides providing a base for Rik's and Brian's preparations.
  3. Frank Dewar, with whom (and others) I shared a house during the 12 months before our departure. As an aircraft engineer, he was able to forewarn Keith and me of the horrible effects of intense vibration on machinery (his words were fully borne out by the desert run), and to assist us in general planning. He also provided me, in particular, endless encouragement and coffee!
  4. P. F. Foley (Land Rovers) Ltd., of North London. A Land Rover specialist, with considerable experience of fitting out expeditions, Pete Foley supplied most of our vehicle equipment; providing in addition advice and assistance far in excess of normal commercial obligations. His advice was consistently proved sound, in the event.
  5. Sikandar -----, of Charsadda, Pakistan. His name occurs repeatedly throughout Part 6 of this Log; without him we would have seen nothing of Pakistan, and our political difficulties there would have been far greater. He was a true friend to all of us. The need for anonymity, in his case, will become apparent as the story unfolds.

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