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Welcome to Dave Brooks' homepage!

My involvement with computers goes back to the end of the 1960's, when I began by working on some of the last 2nd-generation machines (junction transistors and ferrite cores: not an integrated chip in the machine). Interest in home-built computers started about the same time, but didn't come to fruition for another decade or so. Around 1978, I built Simplex-III, an 8-bit CPU built from small-scale TTL chips.

Interesting (?) Links...
St. Javelin
Say its name: Ukraine

Russian Dream
The Third Empire: Russia as it Ought to be How Russia could rule (much of) the world.
In Putin's own words...
Russia's war aims RIA Novosti article, archived
Russia's end-game
He's been called Putin's Brain
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Tibet In Memoriam Tibet: Invaded, raped & destroyed by Red China
... and the Uighurs
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... and who's next?
Landmine Landmines: a worldwide plague
Hunger Click to donate food (at no cost to you!)
Freeware Free Stuff (downloads)
HalfSafe Ben Carlin & Half-Safe Around the world by amphibious jeep
WorldTrek Orodruin Across Asia by Land Rover
WorldTrek-II S America Antarctica & S America
Iceberg Antarctic 2016 Antarctic revisited
Pagoda Vietnam 2016 Vietnam south-north 2016
P112 P112 board Z80182 CPU, runs CP/M in a 3" form factor
Now discontinued: hardware & software are now public domain.
Simplex-III Simplex-III Home-built TTL-based computer (& links to other homebuilt machines)
Igor-II Some other projects
PDP-12 Historical Computers
PDP-12 Boatanchors!
Keyboard Small-Scale Computing
CP/M Mirror of John Elliott's CP/M Archive
Tim Olmstead's Unofficial CP/M source archive
Bulb Nice Ideas

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