History of this site
16/06/1996 Initial version
22/09/1996 Simplex-III moved to separate page
16/08/1997 Added 6805 IDE to downloads
11/12/1999 Added PDF schematics of Simplex-III
10/04/2001 Mailto tags suppressed
14/02/2004 GIF images replaced by JPG & PNG
World Trek pages added
16/07/2004 Added webring to Simplex page
24/07/2004 Converted site to XHTML
Separate history page
20/02/2008 Added link for climate change (removed as dead, 12/05/2018)
02/03/2008 Added Perth vegetarian resources
13/11/2009 Added skeleton of South America log
10/05/2016 Added journal of Antarctica 2016 trip
17/08/2016 Added Projects section; open-sourced P112 board; CPUs ring updates
26/09/2017 Homebrew computers webring handed off to Warren Toomey
12/05/2018 Various bugfixes, removed dead links

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