Dave's Bear Den - Melbourne, Australia

Welcome to my den! This site is under construction. Best viewed with IBrowse on an Amiga at 1024x768 resolution. If you are struggling with Mickey$oft Internet Exploiter, you have my pity!

I am a "Bear" - a gay man who loves being big, hairy and bearded. Unlike the four-legged variety of bear, I don't bite, though you may be squeezed in a big bearhug or two! I'm also known as "A4000Bear" on the internet. I do not fit in with the mainstream gay community, and so, I tend to avoid it. In Australia, the gay community revolves around "brittle" drag queens, lesbians, twinks, bitchy "politics" and mindless political correctness, five things I am absolutely not interested in! Just about the only thing I get involved with is Vicbears - a friendly club for bears and those that chase them!

Fortunately, I "came out" in 1978, and lived through an era when gay men did not have to feel any conflicts between their masculinity and being gay. There was a real brotherhood feeling back then. I remember one night in the "Key Club" in 1979, it was very crowded and there was no room for dancing, So all the men took their shirts off, put their arms around one another and moved up and down to Patrick Hernandez's "Born To be Alive". Could you imagine putting your arms around a stranger in a nightclub today?! I do feel a little sorry for some of the younger guys who never experienced all this.

I'm a bit of a rebel when it comes to a lot of things in life, computing being one of them. I am convinced Windows PCs are nothing but a load of virus-ridden, worm-infected rubbish. I use a 1992 model Amiga A4000T, with a 225MHz PPC604e processor as well as a 68060 processor in a dual configuration. This "ancient relic" can easily burn a CD while I am simultaneously surfing the Internet. I am very much into "hardware hacking" - modifying the hardware to extract more performance, so check out my Amiga Overclocking Page. I have dabbled in a bit of Linux, and am progressing up the learning curve, however, I will always prefer my Amiga - especially now that new modern models have just arrived at long last. The "pie in the face" below pretty well sums up my opinion of Billy Boy.

Apart from Micro$oft, other things I avoid are drink, drugs and smokes. Also loud rock music (ask me what I really like, you may be shocked!) I also avoid "reality" TV shows, spectator sports......pretty much every thing that the majority of people seem to enjoy these days. I'm also too cynical to believe in religion, politicians, and conspiracy theorists. I tried hard to think of something that I like that is mainstream and I could only find one thing......chocolate! Other things I enjoy are history, all forms of technology, especially old technology like electronics and aircraft from the 1940s (I never cease to be amazed at what was done all those years ago). In addition, I also like astronomy (NOT astrology!) and country living. I am working towards buying a few acres in the bush to make a nice quiet retreat. I also like a bit of leather, but avoid the leather "community". When I want to let my hair down (what is left of it), I enjoy a good trashy movie. Divine in "Female Trouble" is a perfect example. I have also been known to enjoy a "Dr Who" episode or two, and the original "Startrek". Most importantly, I enjoy good companionship with my Bear mates.

25 years of A4000 Bear.

Taken in 2002. I no longer have the long hair.

Taken in 1997, just before I resigned from Melbourne Leather Men....

Taken in 1992, this pic was scanned on my old framegrabber and B&W TV camera. It took 30 secs to grab an image - that's why I look so stern! I no longer have the piercings.

Taken in 1978 when I was just a skinny cub! Just behind my neck is a "Society 5" sign. That REALLY dates the picture!

You can email me at: davem2at iinetdot netdot au

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