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Last update 18th April 2002

Homepages of family & friends.

Links to Chesham, Amersham, and Reading, UK.

Links to Fremantle, Perth and Australia.

Links to mainly UK and Australian climbing.

Links to mainly UK and Australian caving.

Links to UK trucking sites.

Some useful search sites and engines. Or - Mainly UK - Mainly Australian - Mainly Worldwide

Excellent UK & world map sites, and world phone numbers.

Some sites for adding URLs to the Net.

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Homepages of family & friends.

Elizabeth's Homepage.
You're never too old! - A Senior Citizen, my Mum has learned html and now has a very interesting
page on the 'net which is well worth a look.

Skye's Nimbin Pages.
My sister - If you're interested in the many aspects of alternative living, then this is the site for you.

Peter Sharpen's Main Homepage.
Pete is my best friend - check out his very interesting page.

Pete's W T Stead Page.
Pete is a descendant of the great WT Stead who went down with the Titanic.

P K S Publishing.
For all your publishing you can't go past Pete for the very best results at an inexpensive price.

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Links to Chesham, Amersham, and Reading, UK

Matthew Jones' Home Page
The best 'Amersham' site on the 'net - With history, hundreds of photos, message boards, latest info, etc.
A MUST for anybody interested in the Amersham area.

Another MUST for anybody who is interested in the Amersham area, its people, and its history is the Amersham Historical Museum. Their website is a wonderful and interesting site to visit, full of the Amersham area history, with a section on the Beech Barn Camps (including Hodgemoor, Piper’s Wood and the other temporary housing camps) where I once lived and have written about in my life story - maybe you have a 'camp' story or photographs that you'd like to add or donate.

The Bucks County Council site.
With heaps of info and a mass of old photos.

The Buckinghamshire Genealogical Society home page.
Kevin Quick has a good selection of Amersham photos at this site.

The Genuki site
With more genealogical info on Buckinghamshire.

The Buckinghamshire Family History Society home page
Another Bucks genealogical site and well worth a visit.

This is Buckinghamshire.
Just as the title indicates - Even more info on Buckinghamshire.

Out and About - Buckinghamshire.
You've guessed it - Yet another load of info on Buckinghamshire.

The Chesham Directory.
A 'Chesham'-related information site with a notice board.

The Chilterns Network.
With small Chesham, Amersham, and Chalfont pages.

The Reading Forum.
My favourite website for Reading where you can find out anything about the town you'd like to know, or there are a group of very nice & happy people who will help if you cannot find what you are looking for.

The Crowsnest Guide to Berkshire & The Thames Valley.
A wealth of info here concerning Berkshire.

Uni of Reading - Town of Reading.
More Berkshire info mainly centered around Reading.

UK Knowhere Guide
Click on relevant town names for info & message boards - Chesham, Chalfont, Reading, etc.

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Links to Fremantle, Perth and Australia

All about Fremantle where I live.

Countrywide's Fremantle & Perth.

The Western Australian Tourist Commission.

The Lonely Planet Guide to Western Australia.

Guide to Australia.

This is Australia (Telstra).

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Links to mainly UK and Australian climbing

The Climbers Association of Western Australia
The club to contact for W. A. climbing & info. The 'Oldies' (see link above) are all members of this club.

The Reading Mountaineering Club
Great to see the ol' club still going strong - And still with very friendly & helpful members.

Julian Clegg's Page
A site crammed with many pics of the Snowdonia mountains.

UK Climbing
Still more on UK climbing, including Australian sites.

Ann Bowker's 'Mad About Mountains' Homepage.
More excellent articles relating to hill walking and mountains.

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Links to mainly UK and Australian caving
The Speleological Research Group of Western Australia.

West Australian Speleological Group.

Some excellent photos of West Australian caves.

Another Western Australia caving page (Lake Cave included).

Sherry Mayo's wonderful pages on Australian and International caves and caving.

Submit here for the latest news and discussions about Australian caving.

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Links to mainly UK trucking sites.
Brian's Bygone Browsings
Fascinating stories by an ex-UK lorry driver now living in Canada.

UK Truck Drivers.
A good site for UK truck drivers - with some world links.

UK Driving On-Line.
UK driving in general - with a lorry-driving related page.

The AEC (UK) Society.
Everything about AEC Busses & Trucks.

The Central Garage.
An interesting site on truck accidents in Scotland - with many pics.

Steve Forsyth's Home Page.
Some good AEC pictures.

A good-fun tongue-in-cheek look at UK truck driving.

Kingsley Foreman's Site.
Check this one out for Aussie trucker-related pages.

Steve Tew's Home Page.
Check out Steve's impressive credentials - You may be able to use his services!

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