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I was born on 20th November, 1942 at 10, Warren Street. Guildford. UK. (I believe that this address was an emergency war-time hospital during WW2).

After being separated from my father and moving around half of England, my mother, myself, and my younger sister, Valerie, eventually managed to make a home on one of two army camps at Chesham Bois in Buckinghamshire, UK.

We lived on that camp for six years, myself having many up-and-down adventures, until the Amersham Council finally allocated us a house on the nearby Quill Hall housing estate, where I had many more 'adventures'.

Three years later we were on the move again - first to Ilminster in Somerset, then to the county town of Berkshire, Reading.

I lived in Reading through my teens and twenties, eventually getting employment as a lorry- (truck-) driver, then discovering the pure joys of mountaineering, rock climbing, and potholing, and also being married to my first wife and having two children, Denise and Stephen, before that marriage ended in divorce.

In November 1974, after many further adventures, I took off for a three-month holiday with my mum, who had followed my sister and her family out to Western Australia two years earlier.

I was so fascinated with Australia, and the way of life there, that I decided to stay and make Australia my new home.

Since then, twenty-two years later, I have had a wealth of further adventures, and I've been married twice more (both marriages ending in disaster, although my second marriage at least gave me two more sons, Rhys and Evan).

Now (in 1997 at the age of 55 years old) I am happily settled down again. I have a good job, I have my genuine friends around me, and I am still able to enjoy a healthy and adventurous life.

PPS. As a further footnote to this story - It is now June 2002 and there is a bit more to add:-

In 1995 I began writing to a beautiful Thai lady via the Internet. Her name is Choosri, she worked for an American communication company and used the company's computer to write back every working day.

In December 1999 Choosri came to Australia to meet me and we were so happy together from the first moment we met. In April 2000 I went to Thailand to meet Choosri's family and had one of the most beautiful and happiest holidays of my life with them. I left Thailand with the promise that I would return and marry Choosri.

In July 2000 I went back to Thailand, married Choosri in a genuine Thai wedding ceremony, then brought her back to Australia with me.

Now, in June 2002, Choosri and I have been married for nearly two years (also having had a second marriage, this time in Australia to satisfy the Immigration laws), Choosri spoils me rotten, and I am now even more happy with my lot.

Our Thai wedding pic.
Choosri and I pose for a photographic session during our beautiful Thai wedding ceremony in July 2000.
Our Aussie wedding pic.
And we pass through an arch of mountaineering ice-axes held up by our wonderful friends during our Aussie wedding in January 2001.

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