Explorer for 7100


Explorer is a GUI, Windows based application that allows you to view most settings on the 7100. You can also set items such as Timers, and transfer files to/from a PC.


Explorer is supported on Windows XP and Vista (.NET Framework 2 or later is required on XP). It requires an FTP connection to the PVR, therefore the PVR must be setup on a local area network at least. Additionally the FTP server must be setup on the PVR.


Explorer operates through a number of Tabs - click on the Tab headings below to see screenshots and further information.

Tabs: Home Files  Timers  EPG  EPG2  Recordings  Channels  System  Favourites


Configuration of Explorer is either done through the Setup Wizard (see separate program "SetupWizard.exe") or modification of the Explorer options in the config file (Common.config).

It is a lot easier to use the Setup Wizard to modify options however not all the options can be set through the Setup Wizard.

All the Explorer options are prefixed by the <Explorer... key in the Common.config file. Available options are documented here.

How Explorer works

Explorer works by sending FTP commands to the PVR, interpreting the results, and then displaying the results on the screen. In some cases, e.g. with Timers, Explorer parses the file that the PVR uses to store its data. It does this with the Channels, Timers, System, and EPG information.

Because it is time consuming to continually parse this information, especially if the network is slow, or is being accessed over the Internet, Explorer caches some files. Therefore if data is changed on the PVR then you should reload the data, or select "Clear Cache" which will force all cached data to be reloaded.

When data is changed from the PC, in most cases it will change the data on the PVR. The exception to this is Timers. Because Timer updates currently require you to manually open the Timer screen on the PVR to refresh the internal memory, Timers are only updated back to the PVR when it is specifically requested, currently only from the Timers tab.

Home Tab

The home tab is the opening screen for the Explorer app. It also shows if there are potential issues when starting up, but it doesn't try to connect to the PVR hence should be quick to start up.

Files Tab

The Files Tab shows 2 windows, the PVR's filesystem on the left, and the PC's filesystem on the right. The panes are divided by a splitter which can be adjusted left/right to increase the viewable area of one of the panes. Folders can be browsed by double-clicking them. Files can be renamed by clicking the filename and typing within the box. Each pane has a right-click menu for uploads/downloads, delete, rename, view options. The PVR folder can be selected by typing in the bottom text box and clicking OK. On the PC pane, disks can be selected from the dropdown at the bottom.

To upload/downloads files, click on one or more file, optionally select resume to resume previously failed or cancelled downloads, then click the direction of the transfer. During transfers, a cancel button will display which when clicked will cancel the transfer.


Timers Tab

The Timers Tab shows the list of timers sorted by date. Timers can be added, deleted, modified or viewed by clicking buttons at the bottom of the screen or by right-clicking an item on the screen



EPG2 Tab


Recordings Tab


Channels Tab


System Tab


Favourites Tab


Explorer Configuration Options

Config Option Values Meaning
Explorer RememberFolders true|false Whether to remember the last used folders in the Files tab
Explorer LastPVRFolder path valid if RememberFoldes is true.
Explorer LastPCFolder path valid if RememberFoldes is true.
Explorer FavPVRFolders CSL  
Explorer FavPCFolders CSL  
Explorer VideoPlayer filespec fullpath of the program to play the .mpg video
Explorer VideoPlayerOptions string command line options to pass to the video player
Explorer AlternatingBackColorA    
Explorer AlternatingBackColorB    
Explorer AlternatingForeColorA    
Explorer AlternatingForeColorB    
Explorer PopWindowColor    
Explorer TimerColor    
Explorer TabBackColor    
Explorer Viewer