This set of pages is about the Topfield PVRs and my work with them.

Topfield has 2 types of PVRs: Standard Def (SD) and High Def (HD). The SD ones are the older ones such as the TF4x00s, TF5x00s, TF6x00s. The HD ones are TF7100PVRt (no longer sold), TF7000PVRt (no longer sold), TRF-7160, TRF-7170, TRF-7100+, TRF-2400, TRF-2460, and TRF-2470. For more information on the products refer to Topfield Australia's website. Also available is a user forum dedicated to Topfield's products.

I have developed software for the SD versions but my work here is all about the HD versions.


TAPs (Topfield Application Programs) are user-written programs that run on the PVR. TAPs are supported on the newer "TMS" models (7100+, 7160, 7170, 2400, 2460, 2470) and they are used to extend the functionality of the PVR. For example there are TAPs to provide alternate EPGs, improved the skipping features, remote control the box, etc.

I am working on a number of TAPs some of which I have released. These include:

jdaSkip is a skip TAP that allows you to configure any 4 keys keys to skip any amount of seconds, forward or backards.

EPG_upload is a port of tonymy01's TAP for the 5000 series. It has a number of functions including being able to upload your own EPG and timers to the 2400. Currently I've only tested the ability to upload timers via the 99999999.tgd file.

TMSCommander is a TAP for controlling other TAPs. It can stop them, display their menus etc. It is useful where you don't want to assign individual remote keys to showing the menus of each TAP.

TMSNetServer is a TAP that listens on a network port for commands to execute. Results are then returned to the client.

IRRename is a TAP that seeks to fix a current issue with the Intelligent Record function where the recording is sometimes named incorrectly. It runs periodically, checks the title of the program in the recording and sets the name to that title.

jdaBackToList is a TAP that returns the user to the Recording menu when a playback is stopped.

jdaEPGMoreInfo is a TAP that gives you more info on events in the EPG.

Explorer for the TMS machines

Explorer is a PC based tool that controls your PVR via the TMSNetServer TAP.

Apps for your Smartphone

iTMSRemote is an app for your iPhone/iPad or Android device that allows you to control your PVR from anywhere on the Internet. Its user interface is very similar to the PC client for the TMSRemote TAP developed by FireBird (available here) but also allows you to use gestures to expand/contract the image and to move the Remote Control. It only works with the "TMS" Topfield PVR's because it interacts with the TMSRemote TAP.

You can purchase the app from iTunes (for iPhone/iPad) or from Android Market.

Below is an image of the app.

iTMSRemote functions:

The Button Bar consists of the following buttons:

  • Connect/Disconnect
  • Show/Hide Remote Control
  • Show/Hide OSD on PVR
  • Settings
  • Expand image

After installing the TMSRemote TAP on the PVR make note of the Port and Password assigned. Before connecting for the first time through the iTMSRemote app, press the Settings button and enter the details obtained from the TAP. Now press the Connect button. You should now see the OSD (On Screen Display) of the PVR. If no OSD is being displayed you will just see a black screen.

ToppyPC for the 7100

ToppyPC is a collection of software that runs on a PC and can be used to control your TF7100PVRt. It is built around a common software library, toppyLib. It runs on top of Microsoft's .NET Framework v2 (or later). Platforms supported are Windows XP, Vista, and 7. The software is configured using a properties file or a Setup Wizard. The tools in ToppyPC include:

Explorer for the 7100 is a Windows based tool that connects to the PVR via FTP. It allows the user to view/transfer files, create/delete/rename folders, view the FTA EPG together with timers, and manipulate recordings.

toppyLib is a Windows based dll that is used by my other tools but can also be used by 3rd party developers to develop their own tools for the 7100.

toppy is a command line tool that performs many of the functions of Explorer.

SetupWizard is a GUI wizard for configuring the tools.

TWIN (coming soon) is a website for interacting with the 7100.

Firmware Tools for the TF7x00

Firmware Tools is a kit for unpacking a 7000 or 7100 firmware onto a Windows filesystem so you can browse the contents. At this stage you cannot repack a firmware with this kit.