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¨ Are you suffering with a health complaint that you can’t get to the bottom of?

¨ Have you been told, “there is nothing wrong with you” yet deep down you feel that there is?

¨ Would you like to monitor how well your treatment is working?

¨   Perhaps you feel well, but would like a health check!

This system combines the bio-impedance (analysis of conductivity and electrical resistance in tissues) with pulse oximetry and analysis of the variability of heartbeat, using a software to break down a large number of physiological variables. This equipment provides valuable information on the status of living tissues, emphasizing the analysis of cellular respiration and metabolism, the perfusion, oxygenation and conductivity and electrical resistance of all tissues of our body.


The information and results of this system do not replace conventional laboratory/medical tests, but rather offers comprehensive view of the patient’s homeostatic state: it allow us to evaluate how well we are physiologically adapting to new clinical and biological situations.

The equipment is an amazing piece of technology that provides accurate information about a person’s whole body physiology. The results assist in identifying where the body is out of balance so that a more precise health management plan can support healing and repair; it also monitors the effectiveness on current treatment. 

Monitoring Changes
The Scan’s greatest strength is its ability to accurately measure changes from one assessment to the next. This allows the trained practitioner to accurately monitor how the chosen treatment is working. Changes can be observed before symptoms alter. What this means to you the client, is faster more effective results.

It is the ultimate preventive health care tool that can help evaluate and monitor your nutritional supplementation, medications, or therapies quickly and accurately



¨  Easy for both practitioner and client to interpret

¨  Only takes 3 minutes to scan

¨  Non-invasive

¨  Analyses & monitors the  effectiveness of treatment


What happens during your consultation?

You will have your weight taken using high tech body composition scales which also gives you’re your metabolic age (how old your body thinks it is). You will then have your blood pressure taken. Next you will be connected to the device using 6 electrodes – two plates for your hands, two plates for your feet and two electrodes for your forehead. This device analyzes the interstitial fluid in the body by applying a very small electric current to the body, the impedance in the voltage between the (+) anode and (-) cathode determines where the unbalances exist. The results are then collected and displayed on a computer screen through 3D body models of different parts of the body and are interrupted by a qualified practitioner.


Suitable for patients aged 8 to 95 years

¨                    Not suitable for people with pacemakers, large pins in feet or hands, missing 1 or more limbs,  pregnant women (over 6 months) or users of stimulant drugs

¨                   Please avoid excessive physical activity 8 hours prior to appointment

¨                   Please consume light food only no more than 4 hours before appointment

¨                   Jewelry and nail polish to be removed prior to appointment



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What is Naturopathy

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