A Little About Us

DeSaix Saint Bernard Kennels was established in 1993. Kevin is a qualified Marine Engineer from a military background and currently works for the Dept of Corrective Services. Donna obtained her Batchelor of Nursing Degree in 1994 and currently works for the Dept Corrective Services as a Clinical Nurse.

As with many respectable kennels, our first "practice saint" came from a pet shop. Despite every health problem that she ever endured she lived a happy and spoilt life. It was soon after her 8th birthday that she decided and let us know, that she just could not cope with any more. She taught us many lessons. She taught us about life and how precious it is, she taught us deep compassion and understanding, she taught us many, many, many things about her breed, and she remains a constant reminder never to waver from our entrenched ethical stance because, whilst the question "do animals possess the ability to reason?" might be a debatable subect, their ability to suffer is not.

Later the same year we were fortunate enough to purchase (CH Raaleppo: Raised on Rock AI - "Maddison") our foundation bitch who, with many qualities, was a very worthy example of the breed and those qualities remain consistently represented in her descendants, the Saints at DeSaix. Lucky are the kennels that aquire such foundation bitches of outstanding merit and when the qualities found in those bitches are acknowledged and utilised wisely, they have the ability to enable any dedicated kennel to move the breed ever forward.

The Saints at DeSaix have only ever been selectively bred from quality national and international stock. The Saints at DeSaix and their ongoing success is the result of a consistently well planned and selective breeding program, supported by a sound, multi faceted knowledge base and complemented by attentive rearing and thoughtful selection of worthy specimens, suitable for representation of the DeSaix name and the St Bernard breed, both now and in the future.

Knowledge, its practical application and quantifiable results create the fundamental difference between being successful and just being.

Our prefix was chosen because of its historical and noteworthy link to the breed.

Our kennel name was taken from a small piece of history embedded
in the Hospice and captures the quintessence of this magnificent breed;
the warm, loyal companionship that these dogs give of themselves,
so unconditionally. DeSaix, one of Napoleons favourite young generals
visited the Hospice in 1800 with the French army on the way to Marengo.

Whilst staying at the hospice and playing with the dogs DeSaix said that they
made him "feel at home". General DeSaix lost his life during the famous battle that
was to make Napoleon master of Europe for more than a decade and
Napoleon, remembering how happy and contented DeSaix had been during
his stay at the Hospice with the dogs, ordered that his young generals body
should be taken there. "Let him in the home he chose" said Napoleon "the dogs
will guard him well!" Even today, the name of general DeSaix can still be seen
inscribed on a marble plate, located in the Hospice chapel where his body lies.

Our ongoing dedication to our chosen breed along with other reputable, respected breeders will allow future generations to continue to be as we have, entranced by the noble and majestic breed, the Saint Bernard.

Donna is a qualified Group 6 & 7 judge and applying for Group 5 this year

If you are interested in obtaining a St Bernard from DeSaix Kennels please Email Us or find us on

We occasionally have selectively bred puppies available as well as older saints to approved forever homes only.

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