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A genuinly caring breeder will have as many questions to ask of the buyer as the other way round. Here are some questions that you may well be asking your own buyers one day and if you are looking at buying a puppy then this is also a must as lots of questions can feel like an assault. Rest assured, if your breeder is keen to know about you and requires assurances then you have, in all probability made a very wise choice.


1) Have you had dogs before? What kinds? What happened to them?

2) Have you ever owned a Saint Bernard?

3) Why do you want to own a Saint Bernard? (If they say 'Beethoven" try to talk some sense into them!!!!)

4) How much exposure have you had to Saints (friends dogs, etc.).

5) Do you have other pets, children?

6) How long have you lived at your current residence? How many times have you moved in the last five years?

7) If you move, what will happen to the dog? Will the dog be a consideration in determining your new residence?

8) Are you a neat freak? (if they answer yes, case should be closed!)

* * * Bonus: Buyer Tolerance Test (submitted by Candy Blancher) I always talk alot about the fact that this breed is relatively short lived, grow up to be big, hairy, dirt carriers and are prone to leaving slobber trails on every surface they come close to. First time Saint buyers receive this unpalatable but true info a couple times, on the phone during our initial conversation and again when they visit the dogs. And no one escapes the test of being surrounded by a slobbering gaggle that comprise our 'meet and greet' committee of Saints in our yard .... I serve towels afterward, but always subject puppy buyers to this basic tolerance test.* * *


1) Do you live in the city, country, house, appartment, etc.?

2) If you rent, does your landlord know you are getting a dog?

3) How much room do you have for the dog? Fenced in yard, etc.?

4) Where will the dog spend most of its time? Days? Night?

6) Who will be taking care of the dog?

7) How much time do they have for the dog? How many hours will the dog be alone?

8) What training techniques do you plan to use?

9) Are you planning on taking the pup to obedience

10) Are you aware of the costs of owning a dog?

11) Have you picked a veterinarian?

12) Can you afford a medical emergency if one should arise?


1) Do you plan to breed the animal? If so, why? (If they tell you it's so the kids can learn about life - throw them out)

2) Are you planning to show? If so, do you know what is involved? Do you know the Standard?

3) If you are not planning to show, or if it is a "pet" quality puppy, will you consider a limited registration or agree to spay/neuter the animal?

4) Will you agree to return the dog to me if for any reason you can't keep it?

5) Are you willing to join the CAWA and your local breed Club? If you join, will you vote my way?


1) Are you willing to commit in writing to taking the dog through an obedience course ?

2) Are you willing to give me contractual first right of repurchase?

3) For all "pet quality" dogs (to be sold under limited registration):

4) For all "pet quality" dogs (not sold under limited registration): Will you agree to a spay / neuter clause in the contract?

5) If you Hipscore, Elbow Score, PennHip, OFA, GDC or CERF, will you agree to provide the test results to me?

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