featured below are more
"Saints at DeSaix"
that have achieved much in their own right

napalm.jpg - 29944 BytesOUR NETHERLANDS IMPORT


New Edition Vh Borgerbos
Call Name: Nathan
DOB: 1 April 1999

Nathan was a multi CISS Winner

Nathan's Pedigree
Sherm01.jpg - 35050 BytesAUSTRALIAN CHAMPION

DeSaix: Behemoth
Call Name: Sherman
DOB: 1 January 2000

Sherman was a Championship All Breeds
BIG ~ RUBIG ~ Multi CIG ~ CIS ~ BISS Winner

Sherman was owned by Mrs E. Nicholls

Sherman's Pedigree
sara011.jpg - 25202 BytesAUSTRALIAN CHAMPION

DeSaix: Miss Sarajevo
Call Name: Sara
DOB: 22 August 2001

Sara was an All Breeds Multi Class
in Group Winner and invitee to
the 2003 Utility Dog Club of W.A.
Ultimate Champions Night

Sara's Pedigree

DeSaix: Double Treat
Call Name: (Big) Bertha
DOB: 13 November 2002

Bertha was an All Breeds Multi
Class in Group and CISS Winner

Bertha's Pedigree
aug051.jpg - 43420 BytesAUSTRALIAN CHAMPION

DeSaix: Electrifyin' Mojo
Call Name: Winston
DOB: 11 June 2003

Winston was a Multi All Breeds & Speciality

Winston was the SBBC WA
2004 / 2005 & 2007 / 2008 & 2008 / 2009
Adult Point Score Winner
Ultimate Utility Dog invitee for 2006

Winston's Pedigree
pann.jpg - 27292 BytesAUSTRALIAN CHAMPION

DeSaix: Echoes of Ace
Call Name: Panza (Pansy)
DOB: 11 June 2003

Panza was an All Breeds
Multi Class in Group Winner

Panza's Pedigree
nig01.jpg - 25100 BytesAUSTRALIAN CHAMPION

DeSaix: Enigma
Call Name: Nina
DOB: 11 June 2003

Nina was an All Breeds Multi
Class in Group and Show Winner

Nina's Pedigree
Willow2.jpg - 21088 BytesAUSTRALIAN CHAMPION

DeSaix: Hide the Silver

Call Name: Willow
DOB: 19 May 2006

Willow's Pedigree


DeSaix: Way Out West
Call Name: Sherridan
DOB: 20 June 2007

Sherridan was an All Breeds
Class in Group and Show Winner
and SBBC of WA Inc.
2009 / 2010 Adult Point Score Winner

Sherridan's Pedigree

DeSaix: Know This

Call Name: Tonka
DOB: 9 February 2009

Tonka was a multi
Class in Group winner

Tonka's Pedigree


DeSaix: Kodak Moment
Call Name: Kodak
DOB: 9 February 2009

Kodak was a multi All Breeds & Specialty
Multi BISS / RUBIS Winner
and SBBC of WA Inc.
2010 / 2011 & 2011 / 2012
2012 / 2013 & 2013 / 2104 Adult Point Score Winner

Kodaks's Pedigree