Computer History Sites Elsewhere

Computer History Sites Elsewhere

A number of other Web sites are devoted to early computers. They include:

  • The National Archive for the History of Computing
  • is Manchester University's site in the UK.

  • The Charles Babbage Institute of Computer History
  • : a research center at the University of Minnesota dedicated to promoting the study and preservation of the history of information processing through historical research and archival activity.

  • The Virtual Museum of Computing (VMoC)
  • which has hyperlinks to just about everywhere connected with the history of computing on the WWW.

  • Paul Pierce's Computer Collection
  • . Paul Pierce collects the larger, older systems. The collection includes several IBM mainframe computers and a minicomputer collection including 7 members of the Digital PDP-8 family, covering its entire evolution from Digital's first metal transistor logic modules to the final microprocessor version.

  • The Australian Computer Museum Inc. The Australian Computer Museum Society (ACMS) was formed in 1994 to establish a museum of computing in Australia similar to the world famous Boston Computer Museum in the USA and to foster an awareness and knowledge of the history of computing in Australia.

  • Computer Conservation Society (UK). The aims of the CCS are to : promote the conservation of historic computers; develop awareness of the importance of historic computers; encourage research on historic computers. They maintain an ftp site with several simulators of historic British computers.