Ballroom Dancing in W.A.

Ballroom Dancing

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Adult Standard 2006
Sean & Lauren

My husband and I have taken up Ballroom Dancing lessons again after a rather long break. We were always purely social dancers before, but this time we want to learn to do things properly! We are really enjoying our return to dancing. We are now in level 4 for Latin, Standard and New Vogue. Check our results if you are interested.

In Australia, there are 3 styles of ballroom dancing:

The first two styles are danced in most ballroom dancing countries around the world. Some competitions are 'Ten Dance' competitions in which all five Latin and the 5 main Modern dances (except Slow Rhythm) must be performed.

Junior Standard, Melbourne 2002
Sean & Katie

Now a little about competition grades in Australia. There are 4 'official' age categories:

Open Juvenile Latin
Glen & Megan

Within these age categories, there are different grades of dancers.

Couples elevate to higher grades by collecting elevation points. A championship win is worth two elevation points while other competition wins are worth one elevation point. Five points are required to elevate to the next level.

It is normal to elevate in the styles at different times. This means that you could have a couple who are level 3 in Latin, level 2 in New Vogue and still level 1 in Modern.

There is also (in W.A. at least) an unofficial age group for the real youngsters: Sub-juvenile. This is for the dancers who are 9 years and under. This category has only two grades: Beginner (for those who have not won a competition in that style) and non-beginner. These competitors usually enter both the sub-juvenile and juvenile categories. This gives the littlies an opportunity to get some sashes and/or trophies fairly early on so they don't become too disheartened. It can be tough for 6 year olds up against 12 year olds in juvenile level 1. It also gives the littlies a bit more dance practice.

Junior Latin.
Andrew & Natalie, Sean & Katie


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Masters Level 3 Standard
Martin & Dianne
Masters Level 4 New Vogue
Martin & Dianne

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