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Welcome to LightTrap TimeLine

This application is used to traverse the visual time line of an area of space within the dimensions of 320x240.

What can I do with this application?

1) if performing digit operations this is the amount to Add/Subtract else if performing power operations is the power to increment
2) Indicates if operating upon the power of the base 10 value and whether it is to be incremented or decremented
3) Indicates performing digit operations
4) Indicates performing a decrease of the magnitude of the time line
5) Indicates performing an increase of the magnitude of the time line
6) Perform the actions defined by the above user input options
7) View the current value of the base 10 value

The role of this application is to enable the user to traverse the possible combinations of light in black & white within many different areas of space and at varying time periods neither of which are defined in this version. The point of this unrefined exploration though, is to demonstrate the point that interaction with the visual time line is possible and useful visual information is obtainable. This version of LightTrap does not use probability for frame generation rather the entirety of visual time at a resolution of 320x240 is made available to users. A few of the possible combinations (or visual output) you can locate includes what is displayed below.

A Koala – Black & White – 320x240


Tulips – Black & White – 320x240


Giraffe – Black & White – 320x240


As can be seen there are many visual segments that have meaning in our traditional sense. This meaningful visual data though is interspersed throughout with much meaningless data (meaningless without context that is). But as has been stated this application is simply to prove the truth that this visual data is available and able to be generated without the need to have the original photograph or a copy of a photograph. The visual content displayed above perhaps does not convey some of the more interesting points of visual time travel. Anything that can be photographed is available at some variable quality. This can include things such as blue-prints, space, your kitchen, the Eiffel tower and of course human beings.