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The files below are musical compositions except for Schapelle's Lament which is a video streamed for the Real Audio Player.  If you use Winamp, you can get it to play any Realmedia files by downloading and installing Tara's Real Audio plugin.

All my music files are compressed to 160Kb and they were in MP3 format until recently. Unfortunately, even though the MP3 format is very popular the Real Media encoding was so dramatically superior I reverted back to Real files even though less people will end up hearing them.

Many of you will have noticed that I support Schapelle Corby's bid for freedom.  I don't do this solely for Schapelle's sake.  I would do it for any Australian who was sacrificed on the altar of political convenience.  If Schapelle were guilty why didn't our police investigate the Corbys, their assets, properties, associates and activities prior to Schapelle’s departure for a crime committed here?  You don’t think we’d have pictures of her growing equipment spread across the front pages of every Australian newspaper if she were guilty?  Jodie Powers accused the Corbys of international drug trafficking.  You don't think the police would investigate and charge the Corbys if they were guilty? Mercedes has filed a defamation lawsuit over this matter.

Schapelle fought for fingerprinting but the fingerprint evidence was deliberately contaminated.  She asked them to weigh her luggage and to compare that to the 65Kg printed on her ticket.  This would have proved guilt or innocence there and then.  The Bali Police refused and said it wasn’t necessary.  She filled in an Australian government form requesting DNA testing of the marijuana to discover where the drugs came from and to test any hair caught in the resin.  It was the right of the defendant to validate that the evidence was what they claimed it was - High grade Australian marijuana and not High grade Indonesian marijuana.  But, the Bali Police wrote to the Australian Federal Police answering for the defence stating that further assistance was not required.

The only defence that remained to Schapelle was the prayer that the true culprit would feel guilty enough to step forward.  That’s not a defence.  When the police can determine what evidence is to be presented to the court and what evidence will not, we call that a ‘sham’ trial and our government did not want the truth to come out.  Unless, of course you believe that it is likely that all of the surveillance cameras in all three airports Schapelle passed through were somehow out of order on that day.  Only innocent people fight for more investigation.

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Real Media FilesDescription

To Play, left-click title. To Download, right-click on Download and choose 'Save Target As'.   Schapelle's Lament ©

Download Real Media file (1.53 MB)
This is a video that shows Schapelle Corby’s innocence. Without one new fact ever being established, the Australian government turned a 95% belief in her innocence into a 70% belief in her guilt in 9 months.  To achieve this they took no action when her obvious innocence demanded it and launched a massive smear and rumour campaign even to the extent of claiming that Australian marijuana can be found in Bali.  None has been found. For more Info.
(56 secs)

To Play, left-click title. To Download, right-click on Download and choose 'Save Target As'.   March for an Innocent

Part 1: The Arrest and Conviction  ©

Download (5.04 MB)
This is the music from Schapelle's Lament but with further development. This is the first part of a three part piece.  The other two are coming.  The chanting violins form the marching beat and we hear the expectation of victory.  With the basses comes the verdict.  Turn it up.  Play it through good speakers and feel the bass.
(4 mins 19 secs).

To Play, left-click title. To Download, right-click on Download and choose 'Save Target As'.   Dark Heart of the Vampire ©

Download (3.66 MB)
This began in a simpler form as a funeral march for a friend. However, I was driven to develop it further. It's a haunting, Gothic piece that would suit a romantic horror film.
(3 mins 08 secs).

To Play, left-click title. To Download, right-click on Download and choose 'Save Target As'.   Stone Soldiers ©

Download (3.98 MB)
This is an orchestral Piece that would suit a film concerning warfare. The pathos rises to tension at the end.
(3 mins 24 secs).

To Play, left-click title. To Download, right-click on Download and choose 'Save Target As'.   African Rains ©

Download (7.00 MB)
This was inspired by the bass style of Chris Squire, of the band, Yes. It has a lot of bass and percussion. It has Thunder and effects and a great rhythm. So turn it up!
(6 mins 00 secs).

I'm a composer living in Perth Western Australia. I write and perform all music with a view to what I love and what I can sell. With a background in Film, a lot of my music is well suited to film scores. I can produce any kind of music in any format. I can also print it out as sheet music.
I will be cycling this site from week to week with different pieces. I have everything from Trance and House to Orchestral music to go up. So make sure you check back from time to time. If you have questions or comments, email me. If you are a film or games producer or perhaps you desire a unique sound signature, email me for my competitive rates.
If anyone would like a copy of either the video or music in another format, such as WMV or MP3, I would be more than happy to email you a copy.
1This music has been copyrighted and is not in the public domain. I have no problems with people playing and enjoying my music but you may not claim ownership, authorship, or use it in commercial applications without my express permission to do so.

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