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Noteworthy Composer

This is a great little notation package that I use to sketch out ideas.

Real Audio

This is where you get the Real Audio Player. Check out the Real Audio Producer Plus 10. I use it to create the .RM files.


Another 'Yes' Site.

Free Schapelle Forum

This is the Corby family's official forum where you can have your say, find out the fact of the case and show your support.

The Corby Family's official Web site

Corby and the Bali Police

This is an article I wrote that uncovers the secret that has been kept out of the media. The Bali Police either knew Schapelle was innocent or planted the drugs themselves. It was definitely a case of 'actions speak louder than words'.

The Truth about Aussie Gold

This is another article I wrote about perhaps the biggest lie ever perpetrated upon the Australian public. The ramifications are enormous. It is a critique of Matthew Moore's article "Why Australian marijuana is a big hit in Bali" and while it shows up journalism to be at an all-time low in Australia it also poses the frightening question: why didn't anyone one else notice?

The Corby Case - Part One

This outlines how the Australian government facilitated a guilty verdict for Schapelle Corby. It explains their decisions in terms of their need to preserve our relationship with Indonesia.

Death for Sale

On the 8th of April 2005, the Indonesian Attorney General agreed that in spite of GRANAT's demands, he would not seek the death penalty for Schapelle Corby. This was the same day that the last of the Bali 9 arrived in Bali. Was Schapelle swapped for the Bali 9? Was this because Schapelle was innocent? Why did Indonesia require a death penalty?

A Truth Behind the Lies

This is an article about Channel 7's coverage on "Today Tonight" of Jodie Power's accusations against the Corby family. In spite of Jodie telling of several serious crimes the police weren't interested and found no substance to them but Channel 7 still broadcast the lies.

Bombs, Barbeques and Propaganda

This is about the coverage in October of 2007, of an interrogation of terrorists in Indonesia. Nothing about the the photographs or the video makes this look like a party. However, our media painted it as a party. They did it to subvert Australia's position on the death penalty. No one could plead for the lives of the Bali 9 if we called for the death of the Bali bombers.

Spread the truth about Schapelle Corby

This is a Corby support site where you will get a different slant to the one presented by the media as the 'official supporter's viewpoint'. There is a variety of material here.

The bring her home toolbar

Generally, I don't like toolbars made by corporations that want to control by web experience. However, this one was made by a very savvy Corby supporter to give you access to relevant Corby support material. On top of that it doesn't take over as the others do and allows me the option of having it do what I want. Highly recommended.

Nightmare in Laos

This is the remarkable story of Kay and Terry Danes, an Australian couple that were deliberately and falsely accused in Laos.  They were spirited away to a communist Gulag where daily life was a horror.  Although the Danes were eventually saved, every Australian needs to read this.  

Kay Danes Homepage

Learn of Kay Danes and her work aiding those who are forgotten in foreign prisons.

Roz Fisher's site

Another 'Corby' Support Site.

Carina's Blog

An American Corby supporter with a variety of well-presented material.

My Story Forum

This is a 'gloves off' Corby support forum. Your participation is welcome.

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