Corby pictures taken inside jail 17 December 2005

By Keith Moor and Sam Riches


THE alleged drug dealer photographed with Schapelle Corby sat through some of her trial and visited her in jail.

Corby's mother, Rosleigh Rose, claims neither she nor her daughter knew the man.

Ms Rose said she met the alleged drug dealer and another man in a Bali restaurant and later took them to visit Corby in jail.

The men were photographed with Corby inside Kerobokan jail.

Ms Rose said the men also sat in the court during some of Corby's trial.

The Herald Sun revealed a week ago that police in South Australia had seized photos of Corby with a man who was recently charged with marijuana smuggling.

The alleged drug dealer is pictured alone with Corby in some photographs.

Police initially thought they were taken before Corby was charged in October last year with importing 4.1kg of marijuana into Bali.

SA police commissioner Mal Hyde told Ms Rose in a fax this week the seized photos "do not appear to have been taken in a prison setting".

But the second man taken to the jail by Ms Rose, who gave his name as Dave, contacted The Advertiser in Adelaide on Thursday and confirmed Ms Rose's statements the photos were taken inside the jail.

He provided Ms Rose with copies of the photos, which she intends to take to Bali to prove to authorities they were taken in the prison after Corby's arrest.

Bali prosecutors also want copies to use in their appeal against the decision to reduce Corby's 20-year sentence by five years.

Dave has said he met "Mal" - the SA man arrested for his role in an alleged cannabis operation - on the plane as both travelled to Bali.

He said they met up in Bali, met Ms Rose and visited Corby together.

Ms Rose said her partner Greg Martin took the photos.

SA police seized a set of the photographs, which were handed to Australian Federal Police on Thursday.

The other set was kept by Dave, who is not involved in the police investigation.

Ms Rose said: "I just need to get these pictures to Jakarta, to the judges, for Schapelle's appeal to prove they were taken in Kerobokan and that Schapelle did not know this person before."

Ms Rose said Dave was willing to go to Bali to support Corby's claims she never knew the men.

Ms Rose, who plans to go to Jakarta on Monday, yesterday slammed police for not helping and for suggesting the pictures were not "in a prison setting".