Distraught mum fears photos 'her fault'

News.com via The Daily Telegraph: 13 December 2005

By Tony Wilson and Cindy Wockner

A DISTRAUGHT Rosleigh Rose is certain she is responsible for daughter Schapelle Corby being photographed with an alleged drug smuggler.

Ms Rose spent yesterday trying to remember how and when the photos were taken after she discovered that she was also in the pictures.

"I kept thinking that we didn't know anyone in South Australia but ... I remembered two men that approached me and my partner Greg at the Secret Garden [a restaurant in Kuta] during the trial and the more I think about it, it had to be them," she said.

The latest drama surrounding Corby erupted on Saturday with reports that South Australian police had found photos with Corby and a man in his 40s when they raided the man's home.

The man is on bail following drug charges and it is alleged he is involved in a syndicate smuggling drugs from South Australia to Queensland.

There was speculation the photos could lead to a stiffer sentence for Corby, who had her 20-year sentence cut to 15 years in October. She is now waiting for he final appeal in the Supreme Court in Jakarta.

Ms Rose is adamant that the photos must have been of two men who said their names were Don and Mal who approached her and her partner asking to meet Schapelle.

"They seemed like a couple of nice Aussie battlers. Mal said he had a nine-year-old granddaughter who felt for Schapelle and they asked if they could go to the prison and meet her when we next visited her and we said it would be OK.

"They wanted a photograph with Schapelle and they were going to get a disposable camera, but they didn't in the end, so Greg took the photos on his digital camera and then we got prints for them. And Schapelle wrote a card for Mal's granddaughter."

Despite the Corby family's claims the photos must have been taken in Bali, The Daily Telegraph has been told the photographs are not in a jail or garden setting.

Corby, 28, was charged in October last year with importing 4.1kg of marijuana into Bali in her bodyboard bag.

Prosecutor Wayan Sinaryati said she was keen to get copies of the photographs from Australian authorities, but no decision had been made about whether to approach Australian authorities for access to the photographs.