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Purple nudibranch


July 05

Welcome to Dolphin Scuba's new web site. It's only taken us a year to get it sorted so we hope you think it's worthwhile. Huge thanks to David Cook from WAUPS (West Australian Underwater Photographers Society) for the wonderful photos he has allowed us to use on the site.

Key Biscayne Group April '05

It's been a great year and shows no signs of slowing up. Sunday morning shore dives are still happening every Sunday (funny that…) and the new inaugurated Prawn Stars Club meet every second Wednesday for a night of mayhem in the river chasing down those elusive little critters. Callum should have caught enough for a sandwich by next month. Just give us a call if you wish to join the Wednesday night nutters or come along for a sunday morning shore dive.



EXMOUTH DIVE TRIPCameron Adam, Exmouth
Dolphin Scuba's recent trip to Exmouth was a great success. Village Dive took excellent care of us as did Exmouth Dive for the Navy Pier dives. Whalesharks, mantas, humpbacked whales and dugongs were just a few of the amazing creatures spotted during the 4 days of diving and snorkeling. Needless to say everyone was in bed, tucked up by 8pm to get lots of rest in preparation for the next days' diving.



It's been a very busy couple of months on the diver training front with people up to all sorts. Congratulations to all those who have learn to dive or continued their dive education with us during the months of April and May:
Open Water Divers:
Joel Sculley, Kylie Hathaway, Vanessa Castrianni, Ryan Murphy, William Murphy, Bernard Cook, John Stout, Leah Carlton and Helena College (pictured) Joel Scully, Helen Connop, Robbie Myers, Akaiti James, Julian WInterbourn, Benjamin Matthews, Ben Girardin, Mark Lehmann, Joel Phelan, Callum Blackstock, Kirstyn Traynor, Libby Trevenen, Danica Costley, Colette Moses, Penny Deakin, Grace Offermann

Mt Helena College
Advanced Open Water Divers:
Ben Ferguson, Matt Grayson, Kyle Frost, Darren Minion, John Morrison
Specialty Divers:
Sen Yan Kok, David Bairstow, David Cameron, Simon Taylor, Danny Seymour, Amanda Batchelor, Martin Rowe, Greg Winder
Rescue Divers:
John Morrison, Matt Grayson, Ben Ferguson, Stephanie Cheong, Levah Mavaddat, Darren Minion, Sen Yan Kok, Brent Hunter.

ROB VON PIRCH reckons he did some courses but we cannot recall what, when or with who.


We have a dive trip to the newly sunk Saxon Ranger at Rockingham scheduled for Sunday 31st July. Cost is $85 per person for two dives (all own equipment). Check out the Rockingham City Council press release for more info. There are 12 places available, if more of you wish to go we will arrange another charter.

COMING UP!!! KEY BISCAYNE TRIP, date to be announced next newsletter. Sarah has just returned from COCOS and CHRISTMAS Islands, world class diving, she is organising a trip for next year.

Ascid. purple
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