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It may be getting cooler, but that's no excuse not to be diving. The viz is excellent at the moment, you can see all the way from one wreck to another at Rockingham Wreck Trail!!! If you don't believe me, come see for yourselves… The prawns are going (and growing) wild in the river. (Thanks Tommy for the donation to our Feed the Dive Center Fund!)

The trip to Truk Lagoon was a great success. Fabulous diving, so fab in fact that everyone was in bed by 8.30pm every night. (Well that's what Callum's told me!). There were seriously wonderful wrecks, warm water, 30m viz, comfortable dive boats and brilliant company. Everyone came back raving about it so it's a destination we will definitely be returning to.

We've had loads of people asking us about drysuits recently, so we though we'd let you know about a new suit on the market from Paragon. At only $1999 the Evolution II is a great price for a dry suit and has lots of nice features like a diagonal front zip which makes it easy to self-don. A stroke of genius is the use of a reinforced wetsuit sock instead of a boot. This means that fitting will be way easier, all you'll have to do is come in a try a Paragon wetsuit on to get the right size and the same size dry suit will fit. You then wear your own dive boots or get a pair of rockhopper style boots to go over the top of the socks! Brilliant… wish we'd thought of it ourselves.

We are offering a dry suit course FREE OF CHARGE to anyone who buys a new dry suit from us. There are different techniques involved in dry suit diving, so please get properly trained before you go hurling yourselves into the depths. Talk to Callum, Sarah or Nicole for more info.

The Abrolhos Trip is back on!! Tthe bird is up and flying again so we've booked spaces for the 30th June or 1st July. Cost is $365 per person and we are limited to 8 spaces per day, so if you want to come you'd better book in soon.

We're off to Exmouth again in July. It is madness not to dive some of the best diving in the world when it's on you doorstep. Dates are the 23-27 July and the cost is a paltry $640 for 5 nights' accommodation and 4 days diving (7 dives). Speak to Sarah if you want to book on. Spaces are limited.

The next Rescue course is planned for the weekend of July 14th and 15th. It's a great course to do, especially at this time of year. There's no chance of you sitting around getting cold, that's for sure. You will need a First Aid certificate before you start the course, St John's or Red Cross is fine. Otherwise, we offer an Emergency First Response certificate that can be completed in just one day.


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