What previous readers have said:

“I received the cd yesterday and didn't get to bed until 3:30am!  I'm loving it!!! Thank you so much Yvon.” -A 

“I would like you to know how much I enjoyed the Half Horse books and CD. There are so many interesting / clever / humorous sections that the list  of ‘favorites’ would be very long.”
The stories stand on their own, but combining in the illustrations, make a very talented creation!!! -KS

“So far you've got me to laugh, gasp, choke in surprise, feel my throat tighten up, the whole works.  It's why I suggested trying to have it published.  It impressed me and you have no idea how difficult that is to do.”  - F  

“I'm eager to read the story, but please don't put yourself out too much trying to get the CD's burned - I can wait without exploding.. I think :)” -WA
“I need more chapters!! Those were so great!!“- WA

More comments- (including my favourite left handed compliment)


Sierra and map



If you love horses, are young at heart or just like to exercise your imagination, Half Horse is the story for you. Imagine a world where half the population is made up of intelligent half-horse beings. Imagine finding yourself stranded there and learning that you must have an owner if you want to stay. Imagine the new sights you will see, the world of new things you will experience, the interesting people - and horses- you will meet.Better still... don't try to imagine it... jump into the world of Half Horse and experience it with Sierra as his adventures unfold.