Book covers

In recent times almost all of my art has gone into the creation of books covers... some for my own stories and some for other writers. Here are some of them.






SkypuddleArim's Dark StarHyperspace KeyTime Loop Exile

The three books of the Hyperspace Key trilogy and the cover of Time Loop Exile which is a spin off story I wrote for my own pleasure.

Half Horse Book 1Book one button
Book 2 buttonBook 3 buttonBook 4 buttonBook 5 buttonBook 6 buttonBook 7 buttonBook 8 buttonBook 9 buttonBook 10 buttonBook 11 buttonBook 12 button

The covers of the 12-book Half Horse series 'The Quinolan Qhronicles' are the same but for the titles and the coloured buttons at the bottom of the head strap.

Cosmic ChickenpoxWind GodsWe Lost KununurraTicolaya

Blood Dragons original coverBlood Dragons new cover
On the left is the original cover I did for Blood Dragons. It does reflect the story but I thought it was kind of dull. When I saw this blood red sunset I could almost see the title hanging above it.

Bottle of JinCreepy Suki and SilkTanddis

Three novellas written during National Novel Writing Month- all about 50,000 words long and written in November.

Angles of CatsAmeliaMeredith and the Brigadier

Covers I have done for friends.

Unwanted SympathyThe Vampire's ChildrenUne vie veritable