Dragon in Ice Cave
This is the first bit of digital art I ever did. I took a photo of an ice cave from the web and added a dragon. It is nothing at all special but I was so thrilled that I was able to do something like this!

And even more thrilled some years later to discover that I still had a copy of it.


alien specimen01alien specimen02

Two alien specimens in jars. I had been collecting these for some time and one day I thought about what I could do with them.
First I cropped each image and put it into a film border.

Then I grouped them all together on a page and gave them an aged look:

alien specimens collected
Finally I added them to a mysterious letter.....

alien speciments and letter

All a bit silly, I know but it was a lot of fun!

Lightning dragon

Lightning Dragon.

Blood dragons

Red Dragon Sky


An Orman- from my Hyperspace Key stories

Double Dragon

Double Dragon. Someone liked this so much they had it tattooed on their back.

Fiery Dragon

Fiery Dragon

Those of you who use Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro... and possibly other computer art programs... will be familiar with a delightful little tool called a 'picture tube'. You chose a small image from a menu and then you can 'squirt' it (that's what it feels like to me) all over the digital paper. I love using them. For the fun of it I made up a bare tree on a background and then had fun putting 'leaves' on the tree with the picture tube tool. Here are some of the results.

Tree with GemsTree with Stars

A tree of gems and a tree of stars

Tree of Light

Tree of Light. This is my favourite. I also did a tree of hearts but can't find it.

Thank you Tree

And this one on a different background, is a Thank You Tree.
Oh... here's the heart tree that I was looking for. I forgot that I had used it as the base for this image.