Uluru at sunset.

I apologise for the lack of quality of some of these photos. In some cases they are the only record I have of the painting I did.

Granite Boulders and Kangaroo Paws WA

Granite Boulders and Kangaroo Paws in the Darling Range Western Australia

NT waterhole

NT waterhole

Tropical Waterfall

Tropical Waterfall.

Sleeping Buddha and Lake Kununurra

Sleeping Buddha and lake in Kununurra

Low Level Katherine NT

Low Level Crossing in Katherine NT. Eddy gave this painting to the Sisters Of Charity for their home. He used to do electrical jobs for them.

Finke River at Dawn

Finke River at Dawn. I love this view. When I painted it I decided to keep it for myself but one of our friends loved it so I gave it to him. I painted another copy of it and took this photo... and fastened the original to the wall of the caravan so it could not be given away. Then we sold the van.
One day I will paint another copy and actually keep it.

Organ Pipes NT

Organ Pipes NT.

Gorge in the NT

Gorge in the Northern Territory

I have just realised that most of these landscapes are of scenes in the Northern Territory. I have painted other places in the world! Most have been sold and I didn't take photos. One day I will paint some other landscapes and take photos of them to add a bit of variety to this gallery.

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