Other Paintings

Although I love to paint landscapes and dragons I have painted many other subjects, from portraits (not my favourite) to murals and science fiction themes.

African Stargate

I painted this with its African and Stargate theme to decorate a room I was using.

Stag in Mountains

The original of this painting was done for my husband who loved stags. He liked the painting so much he gave it to a dear, old friend when he expressed his love for it. That was quite flattering to me but left our home without the stag painting we had both grown to like. So I painted this newer and slightly larger one.


This is the Liberator, the space ship from Blake's 7 and it is an absolute pig to draw or paint. Trying to get the correct perspective for all those pokey out bits at the front is enough to give an artist nightmares, This painting belongs to my friend Susan but is on permenant loan to our mutual friend Moira. I often see it when I go to visit her.

Watercolour Stargate

Another Stargate. This is one of a series of large watercolours I did to decorate the lounge room of our home. Eddy and I both loved the Stargate movie and series so our home was decorated in a sort of mix of Egyptian and Stargate themes. I like to do watercolours every once in a while just to prove to myself that I can do them.

Wolves in the SnowWolves on Enforce album cover

Wolves in Winter. A fairly large painting done in acrylics on board. It belongs to Guy Bell who used it as the basis of a cover for one of his band, Enforce's albums. It did look a bit different when he'd finished playing with it digitally... but at least the original, hanging in the lounge of his home, looks the same.

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