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Ariom's Bookshelf
Dr Adrienne Huber
Half Horse
Word Cafe
Chicas Cattery

Kelmscott Community Garden Inc.


I made this during my fling with Flash animation.

greetings earthlings



Hi there. This is me... the person behind the Little Black Dragon. My name is Yvon.

I am an artist and a writer. I haven't done a lot of painting in recent years as I now live in a caravan and there simply isn't the space. But I do a lot of art in spite of that... drawing, some watercolours and a lot of digital art. Recently most of my art work has been in creating book covers... some for my own stories and some for friends. You can find them in the Art Gallery-Book Cover section.

I love to weave stories and I've done a lot of it over the years.

My Half Horse series started when I was just nineteen and ran to 6 books, which I have now split up into 12 smaller books. I thought that was plenty but now I have a granddaughter bugging me to write more! I'm trying to encourage her to read some of my other books. She does have a lot to choose from. The stories may not have 'half horses' (quinolans) in them but there are plenty of other interesting characters, from the 'furry dragon' in "Warrior Wyrm" to rainbow serpents in my Hyper Space Key series. Find out about these in the Library-My Novels.

When I'm not drawing, painting or wrting I like to create websites. I made this one... like it? I originally created and uploaded it in 1996. Since then it has undergone a number of overhauls. This is the latest one. If you are interested to see other sites I've created/overhauled you can find the most recent ones listed to the left.

I love to travel. A number of years ago I made a trip to Bali with my friend Moira, something I never thought I would ever do because Yvon in Balimostly I've travelled around Australia. It was a great trip. Here's me in my cossie:

Before that I fulfilled a lifelong ambition to travel on the Indian-Pacific and also drove my Wildcat (cute little Ford Fiesta Diesel... bright red) across to South Australia to be with my friends Riet and Colin Alderson on their fiftieth wedding anniversary. And most recently I took a friend on a small camping trip to Hyden to see Wave Rock.

I love science fiction, cats, dragons, things paranormal... oh lots of things.
I also love hearing from people, especially ones who have read and enjoyed my stories!

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