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gold stud National Novel Writing Month 2017- '30 Subjects Hath November'

I've participated in 'NaNoWriMo' for 6 years now, writing a short novel each time. This year I didn't have a decent plot in my head so I thought I would be a 'NaNo Rebel' and write a selection of subjects... one for each day of the month. I made a list of subjects that I thought I could talk about then randomised the list so I wouldn't pick all of my favourites first. As of today I have written 24 little articles. I will add the rest of the articles as I write them. Here they are if you fancy a quick read-

gold studWe Lost Kununurra in the Buffalo Grass

My own story from the time I got married and headed off on travels round Australia with Eddy, along with thoughts about things like cooking in caravan kitchens, the things kids say, some of Eddy's stories and lots more. First few chapters free to read.


gold studHalf Horse- The Quinolan Qhronicles

This story is so epic is has a website all of its own! There are 12 books in the series. I started writing it when I was 19 and over the years it has been loved and enjoyed by my own family, friends and people all round the world, from little girls of six years to students, who found it a welcome break from studies and even a businessman who enjoyed it when he came home from long trips. Here's the link if you would like to find out about it and start reading.


gold studMy Novels

If you like science fiction and/or fantasy, enjoy a well written story with pace then you might enjoy some of my novels. They are listed below along with brief synopses.


gold studBedtime Stories for Sleepy Readers

A handful of really short little stories just to finish off the day. They include the story of a man who actually listens to his wife, a creature that visits a small boy in the night and an incident in the checkout of a supermarket.Grab a cup of hot chocolate and start reading.

My Novels-

Wind Gods. (Fantasy)
On a peaceful, agrarian world the Wind Gods allow people to use limited magic in return for the banning of most books and reading for pleasure. The Wind Gods seem benevolent, helping people, even taking the sick to heal them, but there is a rumour that not all of those who are taken are returned to their families. When two brothers lose their sister to the Wind Gods they are determined to find out what has happened to her. They collect a small group of people who have also lost loved ones and set off to find the Wind Gods citadel. A mysterious girl joins their band just as they are about to leave. She has no knowledge of who she is or where she has come from but seems to have the power of prophecy. She warns them that one of their party is not what he or she seems.
Availble from the author as paperback or pdf ebook.

Blood Dragons.
(Fantasy/horror) On the far away world of Maddicore the people tell the story of Muren who saved her people and of Ethawn who lived with the mysterious and deadly Blood Dragons and of the Smoke Man who came to save everyone from the attacking alien race of Ayas. The legends called them heroes but legends don't always get it right... they were just people. This is the story of Muren and Ethawn and how they coped with hard lives and extraordinary things happening to them.
Availble from the author as paperback or pdf ebook.

Hyperspace Key trilogy.

Skypuddle- In a universe where hyperspace is a dimension of light, sound, taste, texture and emotion, only a small number of specially trained people can tolerate it long enough to navigate between the stars. But for the ancient race of winged serpents called Ormen, hyperspace is their natural environment and they manipulate it with ease. The race is close to extinction when a vigorous young orman, secretly grown from old genetic stock, reluctantly takes up the leadership. His plans for reinvigorating the race by interbreeding with one of the younger races, are accepted by the ormen and even he finds a compatible mate. But when she and their new son are abducted, it starts a chain of events that will put the entire galaxy at risk. Availble from the author as paperback or pdf ebook.

The story continues in
Arim's Dark Star-
Arim of the simple village of Valleyview, longs to travel and meet interesting people. A prediction is made for her that hints at great adventure in her future. When she is kidnapped by slavers and taken to another world to sell, her adventure begins... and continues when she is rescued by a strange man only to learn that he is one of a team of ‘Death Racers’. In time and against her better judgement she grows fond of him but there is something of a mystery surrounding him and his past. When he takes her to his home to meet his people the mystery continues to deepen. Availble from the author as paperback or pdf ebook.

And concludes in
Hyper Space Key-
Hyper Space Key goes back and partly retells the stories told in Skypuddle and Arim’s Dark Star, but from the point of view of the ormen.        
Against a background of conflict between the ormen and the Allied Worlds as they both seek to find the secret of direct transmission into hyper space, Javin tries to build a relationship with his son and to find some happiness for himself.
He almost succeeds but an old enemy comes home and accuses him of being a danger to everyone around him because he is an illegal creation from their dark past.
Availble from the author as paperback or pdf ebook.

Ticolaya and the Terrans- (SF novella)
Ticolaya- a small, centaur like being, is the young leader in training of a small world somewhere on the edge of a space war. His ship is attacked by the enemy and routed by allies in a sleek silver ship. From the moment he sees the ship and learns that the beings who man it are called Terrans, Ticolaya is fascinated. When he is captured and interned in a prison camp his time is made almost bearable by the appearance of a group of Terrans. The men befriend, amuse and bewilder him and draw him into their crazy schemes. At first their games- designed to irritate their captors – are only for entertainment, but then an opportunity comes along that might allow them to escape. Ticolaya fears that the wild plan they propose will result in the deaths of his Terran friends. 
This story is inspired by Eric Frank Russel’s “Next of Kin”- one of the first Science Fiction books I ever read. This novella is free to read and available for download in pdf format.

Warrior Wyrm-
No one knows what the warrior wyrms are or where they came from – but they large, powerful,  dragon-like and the Inven’s new weapon in the battle for the planet Semkiss.  The wryms have all but destroyed the Allenda’s armies and encroached far into human territory when one day,  a wyrm is injured and left behind after a battle.  He is discovered by a human girl, who thinks he’s just an animal, and plans to return him to the wild. Availble from the author as paperback or pdf ebook.

Bottle of Jin D.N.O!
Maggie and Razeel live, not just worlds, but dimensions apart. 
By performing  a dangerous ritual he hopes to reach her plane of existence where he believes he will acquire immense power and wealth. He knows there is a danger of being held captive on the other side but considers the risk worth taking for the possible reward. He believes he will be more than a match for any human who dares to try to hold him.
All Maggie wants is a quiet life. She believes she is finally learning to live in calm and serenity but from time to time things happen that make her feel she needs a drink to calm her nerves. 
The day she goes looking for a drink and takes the top off an old crystal decanter is the day her serene life is disrupted  by the appearance of a handsome and unusual young man.
Availble from the author as paperback or pdf ebook.

Creepy, Suki and Silk.
Paul “Creepy” Jarek, meets the pilot of a downed spacecraft and learns that his parents may be aliens who hold a vital secret. He wants to help. For that, he needs a body. The body he chooses happens to belong to his older foster sister Suki. She isn’t pleased but reluctantly goes along with Paul’s plan to travel from the Northern Territory to South Australia in search of his parents. Together with  Suki’s Siamese cat Silk the trio travel to Adelaide, one step ahead of an alien enemy who are chasing the pilot.
Availble from the author as paperback or pdf ebook.

The TANDDIS series.
My granddaughter was intrigued by the title of the first book- TANDDIS stands for 'Time and No Damn Dimensions in Space.'

TANDDIS- Julia, an amateur ghost hunter, has found a possible haunted location in an old country house. Prior commitments prevent her from investigating it herself so she sends her cousin Tina and a friend, Chris, to check it out for her. What she does not know is that there are two men who also have an interest in the location.  Not only are they both from another world... but one is a dangerous criminal.

TANDDIS 2- While investigating a so called haunted house, Chris and Tina discover a whole universe of other worlds and make the acquaintance of a friendly alien who happens to look like a kangaroo. After they return home, Arlim, their new friend, learns that the pair of humans might be in danger so she decides to follow them to Earth to warn them. She and her aunt make the trip safely but then find themselves stranded. After delivering their warning to their earth friends they must then join them on a cross country trip to avoid the men who are trying to harm them and to find another portal.

TANDDIS 3- SPIRIT MINE- When a System portal spews out a flood of black mud drowning several travellers, agent Edron Joss is sent to investigate. With the help of his ghost hunter friends Julia, Tina and Chris, he goes under cover as a travelling musician on the planet Ventry.
In the town of Dewer Spit he encounters opposition from the Company who want to preserve the secret of their illegal operation,  and unexpected help from a girl who claims to be able to speak to the dead. She passes on messages from a young woman who has gone missing, believed to have been murdered by her boyfriend.
To solve the murder and find the portal Joss  and his friends must all risk drowning in mud.

All the above availble from the author as paperback or pdf ebook.

PINHEAD OF ANGELS. One of my favourite stories. Set in my own home city of Perth.
Angel- noun -(theol)
1.one of a class of spiritual beings attendant upon God.
2. a divine messenger from God
3. a guardian spirit
Collective noun- a choir, chorus, flight, host or pinhead of angels.

Ange- short for Angelica- has always known that her boyfriend Drew is a angel. What she learns when a friend calls on them for help, is that he really is an angel who has been born on Earth in this particular time and place to fight a coming invasion of demons.
Neither are afraid of the conflict to come; Drew has been trained by the mysterious Mr Smith and knows his power and Ange knows that he has always been a protector and will do all he can to help… but she does fear that he might come to harm.

She is caught in a dilemma. If he fights with his brother angels and they fail, he might be harmed, or if they win they might all become fully angel and disappear back to the heavenly realms. But if she convinces him to avoid the fight and live as a human will that make him a fallen angel destined for the pits of hell?

Availble from the author as paperback or pdf ebook.


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