Moronic ox
Moronic Ox

Oxymoron is a figure of speech in which two terms appear to contradict each other.

Oxymoron Files

  • Exact estimate
  • Silent scream
  • Clearly misunderstood 
  • British fashion
  • Pretty ugly
  • Passive aggression
  • Peace force 
  • Terribly pleased
  • Liquid crystal 
  • Found missing
  • Good grief
  • Millitary Intelligence
  • "Now, then..."
  • Temporary tax increase
  • Small crowd
  • Definite maybe
  • Safe sex 
  • Resident alien 
  • Airline food
  • Almost exactly
  • Living dead
  • Legally drunk
  • Jumbo shrimp
  • Working vacation
  • Business ethics
  • New classic
  • Taped live
  • Plastic glasses
  • Diet ice cream
  • Political Science
  • Advanced BASIC
  • Tight slacks
  • Literal interpretation
  • Microsoft Works
  • Genuine imitation
  • Soft Rock
  • Sweet sorrow
  • Extinct life
  • Rap music
  • Same difference
  • Act naturally
  • Alone together




Some of the above oxymorons were sent to me by my friend Anita. Here is another one she mentioned in an email-
"Marlis and I had lunch yesterday and when we were crossing the parking lot I looked down and saw a sewer cover. Upon it was written 'Sanitary Sewer.' Now, does that take the cake, or what?"