Why not visit the DenAs mentioned on the index page, Black Dragon's Den was originally uploaded in 1996. It has gone through a number of updates over the years and along with the updates I've changed the size and shape of the Den and the look of the pages:




Circa 1997
Black Dragons Den c1997

The Minotour guarding the Den was added when a dear friend and fan of the site offered his services.

Circa 2000

Black Dragon's Den c2000

Black Dragon's Den c2002

I added a more elaborate navigation bar and links to external sites that I had also done.

Circa 2004

Black Dragon's Den c2004

2004 saw a change of look for Ennovy and her Den.

Circa 2007

Black Dragon's Den 2007

Another slight change in the look of the Index page and some of the interior pages. I removed the footprint links.


Den Map c2003Den Map c2007

The Den Map also underwent changes over the years. The one on the left is from c2003 the one on the right from c2007. Compare to today's Den. Ennovy got tired of having to keep all of those separate little caves tidy.

Den map 2013 small