I've always loved horses but my parents could never afford to buy me one so when I was young I used to set up little jumps all round the back yard and take myself over them pretending to be a horse, or a rider on a horse. I got to be very good at jumping!

As I jumped and galloped, my active imagination was at work weaving a story round all this activity, explaining it, putting it into a setting, putting names to who and what I was and the imaginary companions who ran and jumped with me.

Out of this a hero named Sierra, was born. I began to write down his story, illustrating it as I went. The first book came into being followed by a second and then a third. I was going to call it quits at that point but went on to write a fourth book because my daughter and friends wanted MORE.

The story eventually spanned six books in all- the Quinolan Qhronicles. The story goes all the way through but you don't need to read the whole lot to still enjoy Sierra's adventures. On this site you will find the first three chapters of Book 1, which will give you a sample of the world of Half Horse.

Over the years others have read and enjoyed the Half Horse- The Quinolan Qhronicles and now I would like to share them with you.

When I started writing this story, I knew what I wanted the first line to be and I knew the line I wanted it to end with- everything in between was a glorious adventure and I had no more idea of what was going to happen, the places I would find and the people and horses I would meet than you have now. I hope you will find the journey as enjoyable as I have done.