The cd arrived about 10-12 days ago (while I was in Hawaii).

After I got back, have been enjoying the stories, and just finished book

6 last night (actually 2:00 am this morning).

Congratulations on creating a world with so many interesting characters

and places.  -K


“I visited the new HH site. WOW! I'm still glad that I bought the cd, though. There is no way I could stay on line for as long as it would take to read all that! Plus there are all the little extra bits on the cd, like the scrapbook.”- J


“Dear Yvon,
Uhoh! It's beginning to happen. I've read too much
Half Horse lately and I'm beginning to turn into a
quinolan!! LOL I've been trying to grow my hair out
lately and I've been holding my too-long bangs out of
my face with a head band. I forgot and wore it to bed
last night and when I got up this morning and took it
off my hair stayed that way. The ends of my bangs
curl up beyond where the headband was and when I
looked in the mirror this morning it looked like I was
sprouting Quinolan ears!!! Started the day with a
good laugh!” S



“Hello - I would love to order your "Half Horse" CD!
I've read the beginning chapters and am now officially fascinated :)

P.S. If you've got a second CD coming out, please let me know? Thanks!”- DA


I writing on behalf of my daughter who wants to order your Half Horse
CD. We live in the USA. How do we do it?
Best Regards,”


“Hi, Yvon*)!
I'm C's daughter, the one he is ordering the cd for. I am 13 years old, and my favorite things to do usually include horses. I started begging for riding lessons at about 2 years old, and my parents broke down when I was 5. Until then, I had to be the horse, too! I am also an avid reader, and am always searching for something new to read. I was looking through web sites for stuff about horses, and I found Half Horse. After reading the first chapters of book one, I was hooked! Many books that I have read start out slow, continue to be slow, finally become vaguely interesting, then suddenly end. Half Horse is way better than that, even in just the first 3 chapters! I can't wait
for the rest of the book!” – Daughter of CH 

“OH YEAH, THANKS Y'ALL FER THE _HALF_HORSE_ CD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!” -AD


“Thanks for the chapters. They get better and better!!
I'm addicted” - D



“....I'll talk to you later--can't wait to get back into HalfHorse!!” S



“Right, so, I always knew you were awesome, but I had no idea that you were quite THIS awesome. I've been unable to tear myself away from Half Horse for a long while now. It just keeps getting better and better!! I read a bit and you write so beautifully!! I get the mental images...like I'm not reading at all...like I'm watching it all happen...the part with the Mollet-started fire, when Sierra and Alapao are looking for Derro Par...that was so vivid! I was scared out of my mind!! And as if the writing and story itself wasn't awesome enough!! Along comes the artwork, and I can't help but spend several minutes taking in all the details! The first few pictures of Rynn were breathtaking! I love the picture of the Gold Hills and of Ross...it's sooo cool!! I..man I just don't know how to tell you that I love this story. Thank you sooo much for sending it to me! I love it! I know I'm waaay behind
all the other readers but I'm gonna catch up!! No doubt!” -M


Thank you! The illustrations are fantastic! One thing
that always impresses me about HH, is how comprehensive
a world you've created. The Paintings, maps, and the
detailed descriptions of the scenery within the stories,
make it easy for me to feel like I'm actually
there as events unfold. Thank you very much for the additional chapters. :)
I hope that you have a splendid week, take care,” – J


“...That's so great about there being so many chapters and books! I was dreading
the day when Sierra's adventures would end....it's so pleasant to come home
from school and peruse a few chapters before I settle down to the awful chore
called HOMEWORK.....<grin>” -MH



And finally- This is my favourite bit of feedback, collected from a feedback form- Yvon)


Name: W
Email_Address: xxxxxxxxxx,com
Enjoyment:: 5 - Not my thing (5 out of 10- Y)
General_Comments: Heh, as you can see from the rating above, I find your story very wierd, I mean, basically a human, with extra hair, strange ears, and hooves... Sounds like something from Star Trek. Anyway, when I came by your site, and the story, I was slightly interested, so figured I'd scan the first part, then I figured I'd go ahead and read the first book, having no idea it was so stinkin' long! After about the first 3 or 4 chapters, I began thinking I had seen enough, but I would read one more...

Well, heh, 49 chapters later, I am hooked... :)

I still think it is strange, and doubt I would ever admit to reading it, although I might send somebody here on some pretense or other, but I want more! :)

So, thank you for your labors, which have cost me a lot of sleep, and I hope to be able to lose more!


(Isn’t that the most wonderful left handed compliment for an author?- Yvon)