Guinness and Chips Golf Club - Photos

Some photos that didn't make it into limericks.

Fallen tree limb on the 5th, November 2017. This fell right near Tony Smith - a near miss!


Club stalwarts, March 2017
Left to right: David Pannell, Tony Smith, Geoff Weir, Jeff Flint, St John Kenny, James Hewitt, Tony Harding, Andy Connor (at rear), Don McFarlane


The Captain bows before GoD (Golfer of Distinction), 12 Sept 2015.


The great hail storm of 18 October 2014


Most of the regulars, January 2014

Left to right: Mike Kelly, Chris Walsh, Don McFarlane, Andy Connor, Geoff Weir, Jeff Flint, Phil Kelly, Tony Smith and Mal Gammon.

Missing regulars: Dave Pannell, St John Kenny, Malcolm Moore, Neil Mitchell, Matthew Mitchell

Missing occasionals: Ed Stephenson, Tony Harding, Ken Norquay

Retirees from the club: Don Eastwood, Mike McCormack, Dean Wood, Graham Cargeeg, Richard Plumb, Dougie Wilkie


GCGC Christmas party, 2013. Johnny Cash sing-along, at the Director's place


Dave Pannell looks pretty pleased with himself after a P.B. of 36, 25 May 2013


Andy Connor gets cleanly out of a bunker on the old course, 18 May 2013


Ken Norquay tees off, 4 May 2013


Geoff Weir tees up on the 6th, 8 Sept 2012


People like to pretend they dread winning the trophy, but look how please Andy is, July 2012


Geoff enjoying Tony's misfortune, May 2012


Jeff proudly showing the new GCGC perpetual trophy, which he created, May 2012


21 April 2012, the winners again! Note how the trophy has grown.


St John Kenny, GCGC

St John Kenny after scoring an eagle on the Old Course.


Winners are grinners: St John Kenny and Mike Kelly, Ambrosia Cup winners, 20 Nov 2010


13 Feb 2010, the coveted Ambrose Trophy, constructed by Malcolm Moore


13 Feb 2010, the winners!


13 Feb 2010, 6th tee


Don McFarlane's difficult lie on the 7th, 30 Jan 2010.


Looking down the 7th, 30 Jan 2010


Tony sinks a long putt, 2 Jan 2010

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