Guinness and Chips Golf Club - Rules


1. On one hole out of each 9 played, a player may choose to play one mulligan if he is not satisfied with his first shot. The player may choose which hole, if any, to take his mulligan on.

2. If a mulligan is played, it must be taken as the player's shot, no matter how much worse than the first shot it turns out to be.

3. If not used, mulligans are lost. They cannot be carried over to a later 9 holes.

4. If a mulligan is used on an official prize hole (longest drive, nearest the pin, nearest in 3), the player is not eligible to win the prize.

5. In a normal round of stroke play, if a player's ball is so close to a hole that they would almost certainly sink it, any of their playing partners can declare it a gimme, meaning that they don't have to putt it out.

6. Under no circumstances shall a gimme be offered to Neil.

7. When playing ambrose, there are no mulligans and no gimmes.

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Last revised: October 12, 2017.