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"Hit dum haerent descendit"

Collection of "Limericks of the Week", written at Wembley Public Golf Course on Saturday afternoons while consuming Guinness and Chips after nine arduous holes of golf.

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2016 Limericks

Ed Stephenson 12/11/16

Ed's car took a direct hit.

There's nothing as bad as a slice

We all say a slice is not nice

A slice that went far

Smashed into Ed's car

Don't park there would be my advice

Malcolm Moore 23/04/16

The Director hit an ace ... sort of.

When Malcolm went whack, hole in one

He marvelled at what he had done

We had to point out

The score didn't count

'Cos the hole was for footy golf fun

Mal Gammon, Tony Harding and Ed Stephenson 23/01/16

Today was a three-club challenge, and we all played terribly, but none as bad as this group on the fifth hole.

With three clubs the fun can deflate

Mal, Tony and Ed played not great

It was worse than you'd think

Five balls in the drink

Between them they scored 28

Andy also had a go at a limerick about this auspicious event:

Tried Ed, Mal and Tony to master
The fifth with three clubs; but thereafter
Five balls in the lake
They scored twenty eight
And named it the “Three Club Disaster”

Jeff Flint 9/01/16

Flinty made an impressive comeback from being sick.

Poor Flinty's been sick as a dog

So playing golf could be a slog

Giardia's shitty

But please don't feel pity

His PB left people agog


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Let us pray for better golf next week.

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