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David Pannell

Professor, School of Agricultural and Resource Economics,
University of Western Australia

Mail: MO89, UWA, Crawley WA 6009, Australia





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Popular papers

Pannell, D.J. (2008). Public benefits, private benefits, and policy intervention for land-use change for environmental benefits, Land Economics 84(2): 225-240.  Full paper (140K) Award for "Quality of Research Discovery" from Australian Agricultural and Resource Economics Society.

Pannell, D.J., Hailu, G. Weersink, A., and Burt, A. (2008). More reasons why farmers have so little interest in futures markets, Agricultural Economics 39(1): 41-50. Pre-publication version available here (132K pdf file). Award for "Quality of Communication" from Australian Agricultural and Resource Economics Society.

Pannell, D.J. (2006). Flat-earth economics: The far-reaching consequences of flat payoff functions in economic decision making, Review of Agricultural Economics 28(4), 553-566. Final published paper here. Prepublication version here (44K). Powerpoint file (315K)

Pannell, D.J., Marshall, G.R., Barr, N., Curtis, A., Vanclay, F. and Wilkinson, R. (2006). Understanding and promoting adoption of conservation practices by rural landholders. Australian Journal of Experimental Agriculture 46(11): 1407-1424. Access paper at Journal web site here. Pre-publication version available here (161K). In May 2008 this paper became the all-time most downloaded paper from that journal.

Pannell, D.J. (1997). Sensitivity analysis of normative economic models: Theoretical framework and practical strategies. Agricultural Economics 16: 139-152. Full paper (100 K) Most downloaded paper from my site (by far).


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