Michèle Drouart is an Australian writer from Perth, WA. INTO THE WADI ,
a largely autobiographical story, is set in a
small village in the north of Jordan where
she spent a year with her Arab husband and his family. She sets out to challenge,
and to write against, the stereotyping of
Arab people and cultures by much
Western writing and media.
was published in 2000 by
Fremantle Arts Centre Press. It sold out of its first print run in the first month of issue. The memoir, also classified under 'true fiction', has been translated for publication in Germany and Spain. The German translation was published by Ullstein in 2001 and a second German edition (from List) appeared later in the same year. Yet another edition was published in 2004. The book was printed again in 2004 with a preface by the author.

Michèle is now working on a new book. She also accepts writing commissions for specific events, exhibitions and publications.

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Michèle Drouart runs her own freelance assessing and editing business. While she prefers to work with literature, she will assess, edit and proofread all kinds of manuscripts.

In the case of literature (fiction and non-fiction) Michèle will edit a full manuscript or she will first assess your writing and its chances of publication, sending you a brief report together with suggestions on ways of editing your own work. This should help you save on costs and maintain control of your own manuscript. Then you can return it to her for a full editing.

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Michèle offers four terms of 6-week courses in Creative Writing each year. She conducts the courses at three levels, the first two in her areas of specialisation: free-flow or 'wild' writing and writing from personal experience (Part 1), and how to structure and edit your own writing (Part 2). At the third level she guides a writers' facilitated reading group. Her regular courses are interspersed with occasional seminars and workshops. She also teaches a one-month summer intensive version of Part 1 every year from mid-January to mid-February.

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Michèle Drouart