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26th of October 2004 - New Iris Site and Forum

As you may have already seen, I recently posted some new screenshots, as well as a short video on the Iris message boards. They show some of the new features, including the new lighting system. Get the video here: (you will need DivX to play it)

Or from the news post on the message boards. As you can see the lighting is getting quite advanced, and should hopefully add a lot of atmosphere to your playing of UO :)

15th of September 2004 - New Iris Site and Forum

Ok, I'm still alive :)

Just been a little busy...

Anyway, we have recently changed the whole Ultima Iris Site and Board, much of the graphics are in a state of being updated, however I think it looks quite a bit better than the old one, and this time we will hopefully update it more often.

So anyway, here it is: New Ultima Iris Site

Note: the address of the forum has changed, so any bookmarks / links to that, you may want to update.

Hopefully we will have some more information on the new build soon, at the moment even I am not sure how close Tensor is to having it finished, but I do know there will be quite a few improvements, as well as some new artwork :)

5th of July 2004 - AOS support and more

Hi everyone,

I've just come back from a weeks holiday, snowboarding in New Zealand, and was excited to see Tensor has been busy while I was away :)

Among the recent additions are better AOS support (textures work now) as well as better lighting. Dynamic lights now cast light, and faces that are not facing the light don't get lit. It's quite a leap in visual quality, and there are quite a few more additions planned for the lighting system that should make it even better. Other things that have been added since I last posted are support for the new version of RunUO, POL support, and various other fixes and tweaks.

Also of note to anyone interested in making their own Ultima Iris interface, is this nifty tool by harkon, from the forums: GFM

I haven't had time to try it much myself, but it looks extremely useful, and I plan to give it a full testing ASAP :)


In other news, EA has announced that they will no longer be working on UXO! I myself was quite suprised to hear this after so much press about the game. Take a look:

So for all of those looking forward to some 3d MMO Ultima, you may just have to stick with Iris ;)

23rd of May 2004 - New Lighting

Ok, after A long time of no updates, we finally have something nice to show you :)

In the 2 added screenshots you can see the new dynamic lighting effects of a character carrying a torch/lantern. At the moment it does cause a bit of a FPS loss, however static lights such as candles, lamp posts, wall torches etc should be possible with almost no loss. We are trying to get a new public release out ASAP, but we keep thinking of new things to add.

Again, sorry for the lack of news lately, hopefully we will have some more new stuff to show you soon ;)

21st of March 2004 - Another 4 New Screenshots

As you can see there are some new screenshots showing the latest addition to the Ultima Iris rendering engine.

"What are these 2d shot doing on this site?!" I hear you ask.

Well, recently Tensor decided to experiment with 2d, and found it was relatively easy to add an option for 2d rendering. So with the next version, you will be able to set an option in the config for 2d, or 3d rendering. Now some of you might wonder why have a 2d engine when there is already the OSI 2d engine.
Well firstly, the Ultima Iris 2d engine will have all the scripting abilities of the 3d version, so you can have all the custom gumps and other GUI features you want. It also supports roof fading, zooming in (much better looking than the OSI zoom feature) and will hopefully have the soon to be added particle system. As well as all this you can play at any resolution you want. For example, the shots here were taken at 1600x1200, that gives you 4 times the maximum view area of the OSI client! :)
It is also possible to play at an odd resolution such as 1024 x 500 or something (just as it is in 3d), with no distortion. This allows you to dedicate whatever region you want to the game area, and fill the rest with chat programs, and other utilities you use while playing.

Of course we are still working hard on the 3d aspects as well, but for those of you who have custom 2d artwork, or lower spec computers, I think you will appreciate Tensors great new addition :)

23rd of February 2004 - 4 New Screenshots

Well, there has been a lot of progress as of late :)

Third dawn model support is almost complete. All that is missing are some of the animations and a few fixes to model texturing (granny is a very weird format!).

As you can see from the screenshots monsters, items, weapons, shields and everything are all in there, and combat works too!

All that is needed now is the rendering of corpses and you will be able to go and do all your normal adventuring!

Expect to have some great fun with the next version of Ultima Iris!

6th of February 2004 - New Screenshot

Just uploaded a screenshot of the new sky that has just been re-implemented (as well as distance fog). As you can now have quite a low angle, we thought it would be a good idea to put the sky back in, so there it is :)

Hopefully at some stage we will do some type of dynamic effects for clouds, and possibly even the sun and other day night effects however for now it is just a static sky box.

31st of January 2004 - New Release!

Iris 0.5.5 is now available for download, download it here.

As you can see there is a new screenshot as well, showing what is possible with the new MAXZOOM config option, and a reasonable graphics card.
In the included shot I am getting a good 30-40 fps average while playing online with a fair few items and players about. More than playable :)

30th of January 2004 - New Site Layout

Finally, no more frames!

Yes, at last I updated the site layout, hopefully everyone prefers this one :)

If you have any more suggestions for site improvements feel free to email me, or post on the Ultima Iris message boards.

24th of January 2004 - New Screenshots

Well, it has been a while without updates, but finally I have gotten around to it.

First off, happy new year to everyone, although I am almost a month late... ;)

Over the past month we had a little bit of a break, however things have started to progress well again, just recently Tensor has been doing lots of work on paperdolls, dragging and dropping items and containers. They are all almost fully functional now, so look forward to testing them out in the next release :)

In the above screenshot you can see the paperdolls and containers, as well as all the usual dragging and dropping between containers and the world, Tensor has implemented a very nifty feature that makes highlighted objects semi transparent. No longer will you have to drag objects around searching for your smithy hammer, or spell book that has become swamped by junk!

The latest version also has much improved stability, running at a constant 80-90 FPS on my Radeon 9600xt, coupled with improved net code it is much smoother running around town etc.

10th of December 2003 - New Site layout

At last I have changed to a new site layout, although it is not much better than the previous (I tend to spend more time working on the actual game ;) ) It will hopefully pave the way for some more improvements in the near future.

7th of December 2003

4 New screenshots!

Yes, much has been going on over the past few days and here you can see a few of the latest additions.

First, we have a new particle system and editor. This opens up many great possibilities for spell effects and animated items (such as fountains like you can see being created in the screenshot of the editor). Although it may be a little while before it can all be seen in action in Ultima Iris itself, it should be a great addition when finally complete.

The other three screenshots that have been added include some of the new items, notably the new trees, which you will hopefully find more appealing than the old X planes ;)

The last shot is just showing off Lord British’s throne in 3d. Now all we need is Lord British sitting there instead of this imposter ;)

Oh, and you may also notice the UO cursor... a minor addition, but it makes it feel a lot more UO like IMO :)

21st of November 2003

Added a new screenshot of my latest creation. Perhaps you will recognise the familiar landmark that resides in Moonglow ;)

Although things have slowed down a little after the last release, I thought I would post this to show that progress is still being made.

Now that the latest version is freely available, as well as a fair amount of artwork, I thought It might be nice to start posting other peoples screenshots of custom maps, decorated buildings etc.

Anything you think others might like to see, please post on the message boards, and I will link to those that look impressive :)

19th of October 2003

Iris 0.5 is now available for download! Get it here!

12th of October 2003

Posted 4 new pictures showing some of the sights that you may get to see in the next release.

Things to note include semi-transparent rooves, coloured clothing (using the actual UO hues) and also some new models.

The new ship still needs a little work, but Tensor said I should post it anyway, so there we go... Enjoy :)

4th of October 2003

Sorry for yet another long gap between updates, but hopefully you will agree that the wait was worth it after seeing the new screenshot!

As you can see in the New Shot, there are quite a few new features that have been added since the last release.

Firstly, as you can see, all characters are now fully 3d. Characters, monsters, clothing, armour etc from Third Dawn can now be used in game, meaning that Ultima Iris is now fully 3d. No more little paper cut-out figures, hooray!

Secondly you can also see that roofing will now disappear upon entering a building! In fact, if you look closely you may be able to see the faint shadow of the roof above, this transparent effect is very cool by itself, but Tensor has not stopped there! When you enter a building the roof slowly fades transparent, and then fades back to full opacity upon leaving the building, it is quite impressive to see!

As well as this there have been many other improvements that you cannot see in the screenshot, and will have to wait and see first hand in the next release. Things such as collision detection, movement with the right mouse button (just like in normal UO) and item dragging and dropping just to name a few.

Also, there is a fair bit of new artwork that has been added, so despite the lack of updates, you can see we have been quite busy!

So hold on, the next release is looking good!

3rd of September 2003

Yes... at long last another update.

Unfortunately I have been very busy with Uni work over the past few weeks, however quite a bit has been happening to Ultima Iris.

A new version of the engine is becoming close to playable, however the next release may not be for a little while yet. Although we had planned to release another version by now, it has been decided that a lot more changes will be made first, so as to have a more playable release than previous versions. Below is a link to a short video shows one of the most recent builds... there are some very nifty features which are not shown here, but hopefully soon I will reveal some of the great additions Tensor has been working on.

Download the footage (1.3meg, DivX required, may need a version as high as 503)

Although it may not seem like much, this footage was taken on a Ge-force 2... previously this would have been extremely choppy and terrible to watch (don’t forget that the video capture significantly reduces the frame rate), but thanks to Tensors wonderful optimisations the engine is now running at up to 2 times the previous frame rate!

In case you are wondering, this is not the normal OSI map, it is in fact a custom map, for a great little shard named Peralia.

Hopefully the next update will not be as far away as this one was from the previous!

17th of July 2003

I have just added a WIP shot, taken by Tensor of the interface. You can see that the skills list is almost finished, and you might notice the items in the backpack are upside down, but that should soon be fixed.

You will have to excuse the messyness of Tensors backpack, those are the actual locations of each item, although they do look rather random hehe. Each of the new GUI components uses the normal UO mul files, thus any custom gumps and items that your shard may have will display just like before :)

12th of July 2003

A lot has been happening in the last week or 2, and it is looking like a new release should be available soon.  The delayed release is mainly because Tensor has been making so many additions that as soon as myself and Johwood have finished a new csl that takes advantage of the added features, more features are ready for us to use!

The next release will include many new features, the most important of which are the addition of status, status bar and skills list, as well as the offline static editor.  A new data file is also looking close to release, so look out for more information on the Ultima Iris message boards in the next week.

Also of note is Tensors release of a new utility for sphere admins: sphere guard, a very useful tool for increasing the security of sphere 55i  servers 

"SphereGuard is a small attempt to fix some serious bug in Sphere .55i. It acts as a proxy server and filters the client packet stream in order to prevent people from using the most dangerous exploits..."

Check it out

4th of July 2003

I have just added some shots of the latest release, the new gumps shown should be released within the next couple of days.

The new csl will include updates such as status bars, new startup background for those using 3rd dawn (as seen to the left), in game perspective toggle, and various other little additions.


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