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Editor basics

    To perform any basic function in the editor the procedure is as follows:

    - Select a drawing mode from the toolbar
    - Select the mode options using the number keys
    - Perform the changes you wish to make by clicking and dragging

Camera movement

    To navigate around the map, use the arrow keys, and right click and drag to rotate the camera.  To increase and decrease the height of the camera above the terrain use the mouse scroll wheel.

    There are two camera modes, toggle-able using the F9 key.  The default has a locked height value, and the alternate mode moves the camera directly in the direction it is facing (ie allows change of height     without the scroll wheel)

Commonly used shortcut keys

    Ctrl-Z: Undo
    W  : Toggle wire-frame
    B  : Toggle map-bounds
    F4 : Toggle terrain blending
    F12: Toggle Trees

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