CD REVIEWS:  'From the Summer Solstice'

.........’this very well produced CD is a most welcome addition to the ever-growing recorded guitar music market. The playing throughout is nothing short of superb. - their interpretations being of the highest quality - exquisite stuff! - everything on this wonderful programme is a gem. A very attractive proposition all round' - Steve Marsh, Classical Guitar Magazine UK.

.........’Chopin said there was nothing more beautiful than the sound of a guitar - except the sound of two. He would have been in raptures if he’d heard Duo Lenz’s 'From the Summer Solstice’. Subtle interpretations, crisp articulation and a focus on absolute beauty of tone production have burnished each track on the album to a high state of finish. Nothing stands between the listener and the music’ - ‘Limelight’ (ABC Magazine).

.........’The pressure is on to produce standout material that will catch eyes and ears - With ‘From the Summer Solstice’, WA husband and wife outfit Duo Lenz are doing just that’ - The West Australian.

.........'I love the CD, 'From the Summer Solstice'. Your performances are just wonderful and I do thank you for the magic that you give to my pieces.' About Richard Lenz’s piece; 'What a beautiful work Dhyana is! In addition to your playing, the engineering is just fabulous, as is the artwork. In every way, then, the CD is a real winner. I do congratulate you upon it' - Peter Sculthorpe (Sydney, Australia).

.........'Your performance is excellent - very expressive and emotive; you have excellent technique, a great ensemble sound and your playing is deeply poetic andexpressive' -Nick Peros,
Phoenix Classical(A division of Phoenix Records Ltd, Canada).

.........'Congratulations on a great disc - I really enjoyed listening to the whole thing and the total concept has a fresh originality about it. Thanks for putting the entire collection of my duos on the disc ...they really seem to work well together. I had forgotten what an interesting piece 'Refractions' is - it is wonderful to hear it recorded after all this time. My favourite (tracks on the album) are 'Summer Solstice' and my 'Nightsongs'' - Richard Charlton (Sydney, Australia).

.........'I love the recording, it's very beautiful playing all round, and Aurora is delightful, with just the right amount of "tinkles" from the Maton – very sparkly indeed!' - Paul Svoboda (Brisbane, Australia).

CD REVIEWS:  'Illusie'

.........'Your rendition of 'Prayer' is very beautiful and I am most pleased.... You're both very talented and make exquisite music together' - Frederic Hand (USA).

.........'It's a wonderful recording, and your version of Fred's 'PRAYER' is exquisite' -
Judy Baldwin (Director Aradia Group, USA).

.........'congratulations on a fine job....some great playing.....and a nice clear sound'.
(about 'Spiral Ellipse').......'I like my piece a lot...... you seem to have captured the spirit!' -
Richard Charlton (Sydney, Australia).

......'an essential album for the guitar afficionado.... the CD has a warm, resonant sound and is beautifully balanced' - Naomi Millet, Classical Fruit Salad (RTR FM magazine).