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Junior Grade Item 1: 'Day Dreaming', 'Etude'.  Item 2: 'Blues Berries'.  Item 3: 'Blues Bug'. All from 'Guitar for Everyone!' Download
Preliminary Grade Item 1: 'Calypso'.   Item 2: 'Brazilian Night', 'Rain Dance'.   Item 3: 'Sunny Sevilla', 'Good Morning Madrid', 'A Sunny Day'. All from 'Guitar for Everyone!' Download
Grade One Item 1: 'A Fine Day'. From 'Guitar for Everyone!' Download


Fiesta! This edition of 'Fiesta!' is a simplified version of the score published in 'Guitars for Everyone!'. The chords in the Gtr 1 and Gtr 4 parts have been adapted in order to make the parts suitable for students in their early years of learning guitar.
Apache Dreaming 'Apache Dreaming' is written by Richard Lenz for the beginning (junior) guitar ensemble, in four parts. This file contains a score, individual parts and instructions for improvising an alternative intro and interlude using various percussion sounds created on the guitars. Alternatively percussion instruments may also be used. Download
Inanay Capuana An Indigenous Australian Lullaby arranged for guitar ensemble.
Easy arrangement in C Major for the beginning guitar ensemble in four parts.
Inanay An Indigenous Australian Lullaby also known as 'Inanay Capuana' arranged for guitar ensemble. Intermediate level arrangement in D Major in four parts.
Score only – individual parts available under ‘PUBLICATIONS’.
Bailamos ‘Bailamos' is a fun upbeat work for Intermediate to Advanced Guitar Ensemble with a Latin American flavour.
Score only – individual parts available under ‘PUBLICATIONS’.


Serenity 4th movement from 'From the Summer Solstice' as recorded by Duo Lenz - written by Richard Lenz.  Score only. For score and individual parts, see ‘PUBLICATIONS’. Download
Träumerei 'Träumerei' from Kinderscenen, Op.15
by Robert Schumann (1810-1856).
Arranged for two guitars by Richard Lenz.
Score only.
For score and individual parts, see ‘PUBLICATIONS’.
El Noi De La Mare Traditional Catalan Folksong arranged for two Guitars by Richard Lenz, after the solo arrangement by Miguel Llobet. Download


Sunny Sevilla As published in 'Guitar for Everyone!'. Difficulty Level: Easy. Download
Good Morning Madrid As published in 'Guitar for Everyone!'. Difficulty Level: Easy. Download
Calypso As published in 'Guitar for Everyone!'. Difficulty Level: Easy. Download
Greensleeves 'Greensleeves' is a traditional English Folksong. This arrangement of the well-known song is for the beginner guitarist. Download
Leyenda A Spanish Study based on ‘Asturias Leyenda’ by Isaac Albeniz (1860 – 1909) for the beginner guitarist. Download
Malagueña (easy) Traditional popular Spanish Dance for the beginner guitarist. Download
Malagueña A substantial three page rendition of this popular Spanish Dance. Intermediate level. Download
Improvising with Malagueña A fun worksheet exploring Improvisation ideas for this popular Spanish Dance. For intermediate level students. Download
Romance Prelude A prelude to the popular 'Romance'/'Spanish Ballad'. Teacher reference: Good for students who are not quite ready to play the bar chords of the E major part of 'Romance'/'Spanish Ballad'. Intermediate level. Download
Prelude This Prelude is part of 'Prelude and Waltz' available under 'Publications' for guitar solo. Download
Equinox 'Equinox' is a bright sounding (grade 3-4) guitar solo. Download
Illusie The original solo version of 'Illusie' written by Richard Lenz. Also available for two guitars (as recorded by Duo Lenz). Advanced level. Download
Romance Well known piece 'Romance'/'Spanish Ballad' - Anonymous. Download
Linda Amiga 'Linda Amiga' - Traditional. Download
Alman 'Alman' by English composer and lutenist Robert Johnson. Download
Romance 'Romance' in C Major by Italian guitarist, violinist and composer Francesco Molino. Download
Minuet This Minuet in G major is a movement from a suite for harpsichord by Christian Petzold (1677–1733). Through its appearance in the 1725 Notebook for Anna Magdalena Bach, this Minuet was formerly attributed to Johann Sebastian Bach as BWV Anhang 114. Download
Canarios This edition by Richard Lenz of 'Canarios' is very close to the original score that Gaspar Sanz wrote for the Baroque guitar. Download
4 Pieces by
F. Tárrega
4 Pieces by Francisco Tárrega: Lagrima, Adelita, Endecha and Study in E minor. Download
Lagrima 'Lagrima' (Teardrop) - a prelude by Spanish guitarist Francisco Tárrega. Download
Adelita 'Adelita' is a beautiful work for solo guitar by Spanish composer and guitarist
Francisco Tárrega.
Endecha 'Endecha' - a short, beautiful little piece by Francisco Tárrega. Download
Endecha y Oremus These two beautiful short preludes by Francisco Tárrega are often paired together.
‘Endecha’ means ‘Lament’. Oremus is Latin for ‘Let us pray’. ‘Oremus’ is a transcribed excerpt of the Phantasietanz, Op. 124, No. 5 by Robert Schumann and is often noted for being the last piece Tárrega wrote before his death in 1909.
Bourrée This is the popular 'Bourrée' from Lute Suite BWV 996 by J.S. Bach. Download
Allemande 'Allemande' from Lute Suite BWV 996 by J.S. Bach Download
Complaint 'Complaint' by English Renaissance composer John Dowland. Download
My Lord Willoughby's Welcome Home 'My Lord Willoughby's Welcome Home' by John Dowland. Download
Guárdame Las Vacas 'Guárdame las Vacas' from 'Los seys libros del Delphin de musica' by Luis de Narváez. Download
Asturias (Leyenda) 'Asturias (Leyenda)' by Isaac Albéniz. From “Suite Española, Op. 47”, this piece has become one of the most important works of the classical guitar repertoire. Download
Sonata L483 'Sonata L483' by Domenico Scarlatti - arranged for guitar by Richard Lenz. Download
Pachelbel's Canon 'Pachelbel’s Canon in D' by Johann Pachelbel is one of the most famous pieces of classical music of all time. Download
Improvise with Pachelbel's Canon A worksheet exploring Improvisation ideas for 'Pachelbel’s Canon' designed to be used with the solo arrangement as published here. Download


Allegro A study written by Mauro Giuliani targeting Right Hand arpeggio development. Download
Study Op.48 No.4 A study in C Major written by Mauro Giuliani targeting scale development. Download
Study in E Minor An arpeggio study in E Minor written by Francisco Tárrega. Download
Study in A Minor Study in A Minor by Matteo Carcassi (Etude No. 7, Op. 60). Download
Rondo Study No. 7 from École de guitare Op.241 (revision of the Méthode Complète, Op.27) by Ferdinando Carulli. Download


Jumping Fleas A handout designed to introduce the ukulele to students who already play guitar. Download
Flea Shreds A worksheet for teaching ukulele in groups. Designed for students who already play the guitar. Download
Ukulele Blues A fun worksheet for teaching ukulele chords in groups. Download
Ukulullaby Ukulullaby is an original piece by Richard Lenz for ukulele using re-entrant tuning. Download
Canarios - G. Sanz Baroque guitar piece; Canarios by Gaspar Sanz works well on ukulele with re-entrant tuning. Download


Christmas Arrangements A collection of Christmas arrangements for one or two guitars. Varying levels of difficulty. Download