Paul Sheridan Guitars

Duo Lenz play Australian made and designed guitars, using the innovative lattice bracing style built by Perth luthier, Paul Sheridan.

Other frequently featured guitars include replicas of Early Romantic, René Lacôte guitars built by Perth luthier, Simon Rovis-Hermann.

For lecture recitals, Duo Lenz play a wide variety of historic guitars and other plucked stringed instruments, including a replica of a Stradivarius Baroque guitar, built by Paul Sheridan (Perth, WA) and a Vihuela de Mano built by luthier Malcolm Brooks (York, UK).


"The Evolution and Travels of the Guitar" is a lecture presented by Duo Lenz in the form of either a Recital or Lecture Demonstration. In this presentation Duo Lenz takes the audience through the history of the guitar performing works from various eras on Historic Guitars and other Plucked Stringed Instruments evolved from Early Guitars. Please click the link below to read more.

‘Lecture Recitals/Demonstrations’