Guitar Family

'The Evolution and Travels of the Guitar'

Lecture Recitals/Demonstrations by Duo Lenz on Historic Guitars and Instruments evolved from Early Guitars.

Alongside their work as performing musicians, Ruth and Richard are both well qualified and experienced educators. 'The Evolution and Travels of the Guitar' is a lecture presented by Duo Lenz in the form of either a Recital or Lecture Demonstration. In this presentation Duo Lenz takes the audience through the history of the guitar, performing works from various eras on Historic Guitars and other Plucked Stringed Instruments evolved from Early Guitars.

During these presentations, audiences will get a chance to hear the actual sound the composers from different eras worked with, which was produced by the instruments at the time of writing. With the guidance of the duo, the audience will get an understanding about the way these instruments were played and how the repertoire relates to the instruments used at the time of writing. The presentation gives the listener an opportunity to hear what the composer intended and what the audiences at the time would have heard. The Duo also gives the audience insight into how the guitar travelled across the globe and was adopted by different cultures evolving into other Plucked Stringed Instruments.


Instruments used during these Lecture Recitals/Demonstrations may include anything from the Renaissance Lute, Vihuela de Mano, Baroque Guitar, Early Romantic (19th Century) Guitar, Charango, Mandolin, Solo (Finger Style) Ukulele (different sizes and tunings), Taropatch, Braquinha, 10-String Classical Guitar, 12-String Guitar, Traditional Classical Guitar, Modern Classical Guitar and Contemporary Steel String Guitar.

Duo Lenz also plays these instruments in their formal recitals.