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Guitar for Everyone!

Progressive Guitar Method

'Guitar for Everyone!' is a Progressive Method written by Duo Lenz which will take students step by step through many pieces on their way to becoming fine players of the guitar.   Bulk discounts available!
Guitar for Everyone! Sample Pages

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Guitars for Everyone!

Ensemble Book

'Guitars for Everyone!, Pieces for the Beginning Guitar Ensemble’ contains 14 works for the Beginner Guitar Ensemble.

Contents: Together!, Study, Trio and Variation, Theme and Variations, Prelude 4 Four, John's Brothers, Dance, Springtime, Pas De Deux, Grandfather's Clock, Greensleeves, Hasta La Vista, Fiesta!, Dans Les Nuages.

Book: $27.50

PDF: $19.-
Festive Fizz 'Festive Fizz' is a fun, dynamic and festive piece with lots of sparkle. Although Festive Fizz is a classical piece, it uses ideas from the Progressive Rock era, established in the late sixties and early seventies. It was premiered by ‘Guitarstrophe!’ in December, 2002 and is the title track of an album featuring Guitarstrophe!, the Eden-Stell duo and the National Youth Guitar Ensemble (NYGE).   Festive Fizz Sample Score
Video SampleFestive Fizz YouTube 'Read-Along' Video Sample
PDF: $16.-

Book: $24.50
Carpe Diem A guitar ensemble work using Requinto and Contrabass guitars (individual bass and treble clef parts included). 'Carpe Diem' is written in three parts and the duration of this piece is ca. 4 mins.   Carpe Diem Sample Score
Video SampleCarpe Diem YouTube 'Read-Along' Video Sample
PDF: $16.-

Book: $24.50
Two Pieces for Guitar Ensemble 1. Mid Summer Ballad (ca 1 min. 54), 2. Asturiana (ca 2 mins 57).
Full score and individual parts (Intermediate level).  
Book: $24.50
1. Mid Summer Ballad in PDF format.
Full score and individual parts.
PDF: $11.-
2. Asturiana in PDF format.
Full score and individual parts.   Asturiana Sample Score
PDF: $11.-
Hungarian Dance
No. 5
Hungarian Dance No. 5 by Johannes Brahms, arranged for Guitar Ensemble by Richard Lenz. This arrangement is in 5 parts and includes parts for Bass Guitar and Requinto. The Guitar 1 part can be played with either Requinto or Standard Guitars.
Hungarian Dance No. 5 Sample Score
PDF: $16.-

Book: $24.50


Illusie for two guitars In a world where life becomes faster every day, music provides an escape, bringing to us an illusionary world of sound, colour and harmony. 'Illusie' ('Illusion') reflects this idea and moves in broad sections, utilizing the broad tonal palette of the guitar to create various moods.  
MP3Illusie MP3 Sample
PDF: 18.-

Book: $28.50
Dhyana Contemplation after E.Satie - written by Richard Lenz for two guitars (recorded by Duo Lenz on 'From the Summer Solstice').  
MP3Dhyana MP3 Sample
PDF: $16.-

Book: $24.50
From the Summer Solstice A five movement work for two guitars written by Richard Lenz:
Awakening, Eventide, Blessings, Serenity, Celebrations.
(recorded by Duo Lenz on 'From the Summer Solstice').
MP3Celebrations MP3 Sample
PDF: 19.-

Book: $32.50


The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba 'The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba' (from Solomon HWV.67) by George Frideric Handel. Arranged for two guitars by Ruth Lenz. PDF: $12.-

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Two Arrangements for Two Guitars Two Arrangements for Two Guitars:
'Oriental' from Danzas Españolas by Enrique Granados (1867-1916).
'Träumerei' from Kinderscenen Op.15 by Robert Schumann (1810-1856).
Book: $28.50
1. 'Oriental' by Enrique Granados. Arr. Duo Lenz in PDF format.
Full score and individual parts.    MP3Oriental Sample MP3
PDF: $12.-
1. 'Träumerei' by Robert Schumann. Arr Richard Lenz in PDF format.
Full score and individual parts.
PDF: $12.-


Suite Lamentoso

Suite Lamentoso for solo guitar by Richard Lenz.
The duration of this piece is approx. 5 mins. 50. It contains 5 movements: Preludio, Recitativo, Capriccio, Elegacio, Coda.

PDF: $12.-

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Prelude and Waltz Prelude and Waltz for solo guitar by Richard Lenz.
Prelude Sample Score
PDF $12.-

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