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Difficult Women






Film review: Rick Stein's Cornwall: Beneath St Piran's Flag
2 Poems: Culture, The Half-light The Low Light

June 2022

Poet Laureates of Melbourne Anthology

Le Grand Masked Ball of Phantasmagoric Melbourne

Mar 2022

2021 International Songwriting Competition

Semi-Finalist, Mars Orbiter

Feb. 2022

Live Encounters

Poems: And Ever Shall Be, Theatre of War, Green Idyll

Jan 2022

poem: In Repose

Dec 2021

Live at Poet House

10 Track CD

Exciting, charming and moving collection of songs … well recorded and immediate sounding. Jonathan Edwards


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Quadrant Reviews

Rick Stein's Cornwall (June 2022), 1883: Sam Eliott's Power of the Dog (July-Aug)



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A poem that draws on country/blues/jazz/folk etc. needs to be partly in those grooves and partly distant from them. In loving conflict with their habits of heart and mind. When you do that well you are ZOWIE! Les Murray AO.

Published by Ginninderra Press
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A living musical genius . . . Bach and Handel will be smiling down on this work. Dr. Lou Gottlieb,(1923-1996) PhD. Musicology, studied under Arnold Schoenberg.

Cements [his] reputation as one of the country's premier songwriters. . . the words fit together like a perfect puzzle. Sue Barrett, Rhythms Magazine

Unforgettable appearance at this year's Festival - certainly the best act I have had on the concert bill in four years of organising the event... people in town are still talking about it. Peter Soley, Henry Lawson Festival

A serious composer, a poet and a terrifying intellectual. Dr Houston Dunleavy, PhD Music Composition, Academic Director of the Australian Guild of Music.

Have a look at some of [his] essays and you’ll notice his knowledge spans across a breadth that is inconceivable for most people. Dr Naomi Stekelenburg, PhD. Literature.

That piece you wrote a few issues ago on Westerns [Yellowstone]... was on a level with the strongest papers I have heard at academic conferences, and I do include overseas scholars giving papers.
This is no exaggeration.' Dr Christopher Heathcote, Art Historian & Cultural Critic.


June 2nd, 2022