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6 Poems: Close Encounters of the Blowfly Kind, Three-Ring Fleas, Ode from a Bush Dunny, In the Next Life, Chewy Blues, and Houston Riot of 1910.

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Tuesday July 11, 2017

Coming Soon!!

Lin van Hek & Joe Dolce
reading from their written work,(poetry & prose),
and singing together.

Smith's Alternative
76 Alinga Street
Civic ACT 2601

Monday Aug 21, 2017

Dirty Laundry:
The Art of Confessional Writing

Interviews with Anna Goldsworthy, Dan Guenther, Judith Beveridge, Dave Mason, Melinda Smith, Robbie Coburn, Susan Hawthorne, Andrew Lansdown, Lin van Hek, Mark Tredinnick, Suzanne Edgar and Geoff Page.

Sept 2017

On Murray's Run

Joe Dolce

Poems & Lyrics 2010-2017

Selected by Les Murray

Ginninderra Press

Melbourne book launch

Oct 2017
Poet House

details tbc

When you do it well, you are zowie! Les Murray


First Limited Edition Poetry Book

Wry and wicked, Joe Dolce’s Hatbox is a magician’s box of poetic tricks.He can charm like an Italianate C. J. Dennis, then, as in his poem Bogong Moth, poetically “seize fire” yet “continue to swoop.”Jen Jewel Brown

The real thing. Roger McGough




A serious composer, a poet and a terrifying intellectual.
Dr Houston Dunleavy, PhD Music, Head of Composition, Australian Institute of Music.

A living musical genius . . . Bach and Handel will be smiling down on this work. Dr. Lou Gottlieb,(1923-1996) PhD. Musicology, studied under Arnold Schoenberg, member of The Sonoma Bach Choir and founding member and bass player of the legendary US folk group, The Limelighters.

Cements Dolce's reputation as one of the country's premier songwriters. . . the words fit together like a perfect puzzle. RHYTHMS

Unforgettable appearance at this year's Festival - certainly the best act I have had on the concert bill in four years of organising the event... people in town are still talking about it. Peter Soley, Henry Lawson Festival

July 8th, 2017