for Peter Marks

When your blue chip is starting to look much bluer
and your speculative has just lost its life
and you buying in at the bottom
is like trying to catch a falling knife
your dollar is more expensive by the hour
your gold is getting cheaper by the ounce
you're calling every twitch a rebound
friend it's the Dead Cat Bounce.

Well nobody is buying what you're selling
because nobody can hear you shout
your broker is turning into your joker
and your tipsters are all tip-toeing out
the bull has bolted the paddock
and the bear is just about to pounce
you're seeing half-full when it's really half-empty
friend it's the Dead Cat Bounce.

Your paper has lost all its profit
and your Gordon Gekko has finally been caught
the tulips are looking like stinkweed
and your has lost all its dot
Elvis has long left the building
the fat lady is all sung out
all your dogs aren’t having their days
friend it's the Dead Cat Bounce.

Well you'ld like to cut all your losses
but there ain't a whole lot left to cut
you're thinking it's better to hold them than fold them
but soon you’ll be holding your butt
you're just waiting for that big announcement
for some reason they just won’t announce
when even the banks are starting to look good
friend it's the Dead Cat Bounce.


(single recording, published in QUADRANT)