When I got myself this Starvation Box
my daddy told me son you’re bound to lose
you ain’t never gonna make no money playing that guitar
only give you the Starvation Box blues.

Now I’ve stood in that Welfare line
I’ve passed the hat and I’ve played for food
I hope my luck changes soon
I’m sick of these Starvation Box blues.

Sometimes I want to smash this Starvation Box
build a fire just to warm my feet
or bust it into little pieces
and use the toothpicks to pick my teeth.

My music has got me through some hard times
music has made me jump and shout
this Starvation Box has been my best friend for so long
Lord I just can’t turn it out.

Sometimes I wish I had me a regular job
and was making steady money just like you
instead of living with so much damn uncertainty
and all these Starvation Box blues.


(unrecorded, published in OVERLAND)