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JOE DOLCE "The Wind Cries Mary"
by Mike Wafer [8.07]


YOU'LD be forgiven for thinking Joe Dolce
a 'one hit wonder' - his Australian wog
classic Shaddap You Face meeting all of
the necessary criteria, and quite possibly
inventing a few.
Unbeknownst to many, however, the Ohio-born
Dolce is one hell of a bluesman, as shown
here with his heartfelt collection of originals
and re-workings.
Of the re-workings, the Hendrix classic
(and title track of this album) is pleasantly
and respectfully tackled by Dolce, and does much
to put his own blues numbers in context. So too
do the often touching liner notes that explain
each track's history and motivation.
Dolce's guitar work is deceptively complex,
weaving in and out of lyrical matter that is
often a ball of complexity itself (Gift From
One Iraqi Child, September 11th, Hill Of Death)

and it's quite simply a treat to hear the man
sing in a voice that isn't a humorous
Australian-Italian stereotype.
Well thought-out and executed, The Wind Cries
not only shows Dolce a qualified songwriter,
but also a creative and hands-on music fan.
There are moments of humour on this record,
but for the most part it's full of (pleasant)