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Essays, etc

‘Have a look at some of [these] essays and you’ll notice his knowledge
spans across a breadth that is inconceivable for most people. Dr Naomi Stekelenburg

* Ain't Gonna Work On Bob Dylan's Farm No More I have been influenced beyond measure by Dylan's music, but that was then. And now? Published in Quadrant. December 2016.

* Anti the Anti Contributing to Quadrant. Published in Quadrant. June 2012.

* Benefit of Smoking In order to quit smoking, to identify not only why smoking is bad for you, but the benefit: why smoking is good for you! How I quit. Published in Meanjin. May 2013.

* Biblical Imagery in the Songwriting of Creative Infidels: Cohen, Cave, Kelly & Dylan Some thoughts on why so many non-religious songwriters lean on Old and New Testament imagery. Published in Quadrant. Jan-Feb 2012.

* Boat People: North vs South Australia's first 'asylum seekers' and refugees - and how the 'Boat People' were viewed by the North Vietnamese. Published in Contrappasso. Nov 2015.

* Creating One of the World's Songs The difference between novelty songs, one-hit wonders and signature songs, and why these music industry terms, for the most part, have no meaning in the real world. Published in ArtView. Dec 2015.

* Dire Diva of Din: Florence Foster Jenkins The World's Greatest Worst Singer. Published in Quadrant. June 2016.

* Dirty Laundry: The Art of Confessional Writing. Published in Meanjin. Dec 2017.

* Elysium in Paraguay A look at the diverse communities that have fled to Paraguay in search of paradise. Published in Quadrant.July-Aug 2013.

* Father Scapegoat Catholic priests have become the public face of pedophilia yet the family and the education system outnumber religion ten-to-one in terms of offenders of children. Published in Quadrant. Jan-Feb 2013.

* Graham Greene's Lolita When Shirley Temple sued Graham Greene. Published in Quadrant. Apr 2014.

* The Great American Songbook: The Classical Music of Tin Pan Alley. Published in Quadrant. April 2017.

* GSTQ - The World Anthem of God Save the Queen. Quadrant. Mar 2018.

* Hey Mr Cowbell Man: An Irreverent Critique of Sir Christopher Ricks & Bob Dylan Christopher Ricks and Bob Dylan. More cowbell! A parody. Published in Quadrant. Mar 2012.

*In the Op Shop With Percy Grainger Percy Grainger and Shallow Brown. Published in Quadrant. Nov 2012.

* I Was Never Crazy Interview, and two bushranger poems. Published in Not Shut Up, UK. Oct 9, 2014.

* Jewish Penicillin: Some Science Behind Comfort Food Chicken soup and Bone Broth. Published in Spectator: Flat White. July 2016.

* Jikan: On Leonard Cohen Published by Red Wolf. Nov 2013.

* Only Love is Creative. Maximilian Kolbe: Saint of Auschwitz - Quadrant. Apr 2018.

* My Craft or Sullen Art: Poetry and Songwriting Similarities and unsimilarities between poetry and songlyrics. Published in Meanjin. Mar 2014.

* Obscenity of Norman Lindsay A peek into Norman Lindsay’s boudoire. Published in Quadrant. Nov 2013.

* Pen, Pencil or Keyboard Whether what you write with, makes a difference in what you write. (Published in Quadrant. Mar 2013.)

* Polymaths and Monomaths Why the former needs the latter but not the reverse. (Published in Quadrant. July-Aug 2016.)

*The Popular Wobbly A Marxist analysis of the blues. Published in Quadrant. Oct 2015.

*Prize Fighting Grants, hit parades, Top 40s and ‘Best of..’ competitions - what really drives them. Published in Quadrant. Mar 2014.

* Shaddap You Facebook Pornography and art and why the government, and law enforcement, have such a hard time telling the difference. Published in Monthly. Apr. 2013.

* Shadow Boxing With John Ernest Tranter An unwind of John Tranter’s ‘review’ of Best of Quadrant Poetry 2001-2010. Published by Red Wolf. Nov 2013.

* Salve for a Broken Childhood The phenomenon of Rod McKuen. (Published in Quadrant. Sept 2015.)

* Scatting With Poet Ted Joans The story of my surreal ten-year correspondence with black surrealist poet, Ted Joans, to obtain permission to record and perform my musical setting of his poem, Miles Delight.

* Speechless: Free Speech and the Skokie Case Free speech vs fair speech - the day the Nazis marched on the Jewish community of Skokie, Ill. Published in Quadrant. July-Aug 2014.

* Spirit World of Athens, Ohio The haunted history, going back to the Civil War, of the University town, in the States, where I first discovered music. Also, according to surveys, one of the most haunted places in the world. An account of an acid-trip gone wrong, in the early 70s, that landed me for a week, in the local Pomeroy Jail. Published in Not Shut Up, UK. Oct 12, 2014.

* Todesengel and the Seven Dwarfs The story of Josef Mengele and the Ovitz dwarfs - the only entire family to survive intact from Auschwitz. Published in Meanjin. Mar 2015.

* William S. Burroughs: Scientologist Burroughs one-night stand with Scientology. Published in Quadrant. April 2015.

* The Willingness to Be Hated The paradox of politics is that we desperately need a leader with vision. This means the ability to see further than the average person. To see the bigger picture. But to be elected also requires the majority of average people to vote for your 'team' - people who may not be able of seeing the big picture at all. So something else is required to win this unusual kind of popularity contest. Published in Quadrant. April 2015.

*Wheat from Chaff Sorting good writing from not-so-good writing. Published in Sotto. Australian Poetry Journal, July 2013.

* Who Is This White Fella Fella? Now that Australia is becoming a rainbow pot of multicultural immigrants, including Asians, Italians, Ethiopians and Muslims, is the aboriginal term ‘white fella’ accurate any longer? Published in Quadrant. Oct 2012.


Reviews & Opinions

* Mrs Wilson. Review of the BBC mini-series about the M16 serial bigamist, Alexander Wilson. Quadrant. June 2019.

* Women in Black, review of the film, Ladies in Black, by Bruce Beresford, Quadrant. Mar 2019.

* The First: Mars Dreaming, Review of the US tv series in context of the evolution of a century of Mars mythologiy in science and popular culture, Quadrant. Jan-Feb 2019.

* Prince Albert and the Honeymoon Years, Review of the ITV historical drama, Victoria, Seasons 1 & 2, and comparison with the film, Young Victoria, Quadrant. Dec 2018.

* Forty Years of the Condor Review of the television series contrasted with the classic 70s film, Three Days of the Condor. Quadrant. Nov 2018. Coming soon.

* Uhtred the Saxon Warrior, Review of Bernard Cornwell's The Last Kingdom, contrasted with the novel. Quadrant. Oct 2018.

* Portillo's Homage to Victorian Britain, Review of the Michael Portillo BBC travel series, Great British Railway Journeys, Quadrant. Sept 2018. Coming soon.

* How to Adapt John le Carre, Review of the John le Carre novel and BBC series, The Night Manager. Quadrant. July-Aug 2018.

*Majestic: The Crown Review of the Netflix historical drama. Seasons 1 & 2 Quadrant. June 2018.

* The Bodyguard, Review of the new BBC political terror series, Quadrant. Coming soon

* Yellowstone, Review of the Neo-Western series, in context of the American Western tradition, Quadrant. Coming soon.

* Grape-Picking - a review of Best Australian Poems 2016 The most recent Best Australian Poems is made up largely of poems that people 'who do not generally read poetry' will most likely never read or understand. A grand and deserving slate of our most worthy poets has been forgotten, overlooked, unfairly dismissed. Quadrant, Mar 2017

* A Portrait of the Artist as Place Review of ‘Bluewren Cantos’ by Mark Tredinnick . Rochford Streeet Review June 30, 2015

* Those Insufferable Prigs At ‘Overland’ Publish in Quadrant and you can forget about seeing your work in Overland. Published in Quadrant Online. Jan 2014

* This Judge Doesn’t Scan Judge not lest you be judged -- it's a piece of advice Overland's Peter Minter would have done well to heed. Published in Quadrant Online. Feb 2014



*In Praise of Les Murray, tributes on the retirement of Les Murray as literary editor, Quadrant Online. Jan-Feb 2019.

* Seven Lighthouse Moments of Joe Dolce. Interview with Donna Ward. Published in Sotto, Australian Poetry Journal. Oct 2012.

* Last Interview with Dorothy Porter, The Naked Writer:2, Southerly 75.2. 2015. Coming soon.