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‘Have a look at some of [these] essays and you’ll notice his knowledge
spans across a breadth that is inconceivable for most people. Dr Naomi Stekelenburg

* Anti the Anti Contributing to Quadrant. Published in Quadrant. June 2012.

* Benefit of Smoking In order to quit smoking, to identify not only why smoking is bad for you, but the benefit: why smoking is good for you! How I quit. Published in Meanjin. May 2013.

* Biblical Imagery in the Songwriting of Creative Infidels: Cohen, Cave, Kelly & Dylan Some thoughts on why so many non-religious songwriters lean on Old and New Testament imagery. Published in Quadrant. Jan-Feb 2012.

* Boat People: North vs South Australia's first 'asylum seekers' and refugees - and how the 'Boat People' were viewed by the North Vietnamese. Published in Contrappasso. Nov 2015.

* Creating One of the World's Songs The difference between novelty songs, one-hit wonders and signature songs, and why these music industry terms, for the most part, have no meaning in the real world. Published in ArtView. Dec 2015.

* Dire Diva of Din: Florence Foster Jenkins The World's Greatest Worst Singer. Published in Quadrant. June 2016.

* Elysium in Paraguay A look at the diverse communities that have fled to Paraguay in search of paradise. Published in Quadrant.July-Aug 2013.

* Father Scapegoat Catholic priests have become the public face of pedophilia yet the family and the education system outnumber religion ten-to-one in terms of offenders of children. Published in Quadrant. Jan-Feb 2013.

* Graham Greene's Lolita When Shirley Temple sued Graham Greene. Published in Quadrant. Apr 2014.

* Hey Mr Cowbell Man: An Irreverent Critique of Sir Christopher Ricks & Bob Dylan Christopher Ricks and Bob Dylan. More cowbell! A parody. Published in Quadrant. Mar 2012.

*In the Op Shop With Percy Grainger Percy Grainger and Shallow Brown. Published in Quadrant. Nov 2012.

* I Was Never Crazy Interview, and two bushranger poems. Published in Not Shut Up, UK. Oct 9, 2014.

* Jewish Penicillin: Some Science Behind Comfort Food Chicken soup and Bone Broth. Published in Spectator: Flat White. July 2016.

* Jikan: On Leonard Cohen Published by Red Wolf. Nov 2013.

* My Craft or Sullen Art: Poetry and Songwriting Similarities and unsimilarities between poetry and songlyrics. Published in Meanjin. Mar 2014.

* Obscenity of Norman Lindsay A peek into Norman Lindsay’s boudoire. Published in Quadrant. Nov 2013.

* Pen, Pencil or Keyboard Whether what you write with, makes a difference in what you write. (Published in Quadrant. Mar 2013. Coming soon!)

* Polymaths and Monomaths Why the former needs the latter but not the reverse. (Published in Quadrant. July-Aug 2016. Coming soon!)

*The Popular Wobbly A Marxist analysis of the blues. (Published in Quadrant. Oct 2015. Coming soon!)

*Prize Fighting Grants, hit parades, Top 40s and ‘Best of..’ competitions - what really drives them. (Published in Quadrant. Mar 2014. Coming soon!)

* Shaddap You Facebook Pornography and art and why the government, and law enforcement, have such a hard time telling the difference. Published in Monthly. Apr. 2013.

* Shadow Boxing With John Ernest Tranter An unwind of John Tranter’s ‘review’ of Best of Quadrant Poetry 2001-2010. Published by Red Wolf. Nov 2013.

* Salve for a Broken Childhood The phenomenon of Rod McKuen. (Published in Quadrant. Sept 2015.)

* Scatting With Poet Ted Joans The story of my surreal ten-year correspondence with black surrealist poet, Ted Joans, to obtain permission to record and perform my musical setting of his poem, Miles Delight.

* Speechless: Free Speech and the Skokie Case Free speech vs fair speech - the day the Nazis marched on the Jewish community of Skokie, Ill. Published in Quadrant. July-Aug 2014.

* Spirit World of Athens, Ohio The haunted history, going back to the Civil War, of the University town, in the States, where I first discovered music. Also, according to surveys, one of the most haunted places in the world. An account of an acid-trip gone wrong, in the early 70s, that landed me for a week, in the local Pomeroy Jail. Published in Not Shut Up, UK. Oct 12, 2014.

* Todesengel and the Seven Dwarfs The story of Josef Mengele and the Ovitz dwarfs - the only entire family to survive intact from Auschwitz. Published in Meanjin. Mar 2015.

* William S. Burroughs: Scientologist Burroughs one-night stand with Scientology. Published in Quadrant. April 2015.

*Wheat from Chaff Sorting good writing from not-so-good writing. Published in Sotto. Australian Poetry Journal, July 2013.

* Who Is This White Fella Fella? Now that Australia is becoming a rainbow pot of multicultural immigrants, including Asians, Italians, Ethiopians and Muslims, is the aboriginal term ‘white fella’ accurate any longer? Published in Quadrant. Oct 2012.