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(Keith Mckenry- Bruce Watson)

His orders came through on September 11th at dawn.
The planes would attack their targets according to plan.
Some would aim for the centres of commerce,
Some would strike at the military's heart,
But to him fell the mission's most lofty task.

The President himself, the ultimate symbol of power,
Was his target, Oh, they would make this great nation cower.
This regime of infidels who'd strayed from the truth,
Their arrogant leader elected by fools,
The so-called 'democracy' that broke all the unwritten rules.

His team was well-chosen, these brave faithful men would not flinch,
Though their task was so daunting, the stakes high so too the risks,
But they were trained well, equipped and paid by powerful friends far away,
With right on their side, they prayed they would triumph that day.

Every detail in place his task now to follow the plan.
His fate and that of his men was in his own hands.
With steely resolve they boarded the plane,
As they city approached he flew low and aimed,
And prayed to his god that his aim would be true.

The attack succeeded by evening the president lay dead.
His palace destroyed and these are the last words he said,
As he spoke to his people on the radio,
He said: 'I'll defend our democracy with my own life,'
He could have fled but he chose to stand firm when the bomber arrived.

So Salvadore Allende of Chile was murdered that day,
And the junta then slaughtered thousands who stood in their way,
And the US was there behind the scenes,
When democracy died, and terror unleashed,
On September 11th 1973,
On September 11th 1973.


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